The 60% off offer that has got us excited!

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What a better way to usher in the Easter holiday!

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Everyone deserves an early start to the holidays, especially you Fuzulets. That is why we are celebrating SafeBoda for giving a 60% off offer on all cashless rides!

Our good friends at SafeBoda understand how the streets get filled due to the buzz during holidays. They want to ensure you get around easily and safely and ‘safe’ a lot of money ahead of the Easter holiday.

What does 60% off look like?

A normal trip from GPO (CBD) to Yaya Centre costs KSHS. 160-180. But with this offer you will pay KSHS. 60-80. A trip that would cost you KSHS. 100 will cost you KSHS. 40 during this offer!  Whether you are making deliveries or going to your favourite destination, make sure you take advantage of this offer which will be running up to 18th April (Thursday) 2019. Don't believe it? Download the SafeBoda app today and see for yourself! 

What a better way to usher in the Easter holiday!

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