The Act of Getting a Job

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Getting a job is a full-time job and only the violent taketh it by force.


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In an era where a single job advert attracts millions of job applications, being radical may be an understatement. In the 80’s, a job awaits you after graduating but in this generation, you are expected to create a job and be an employer of labour. Gone are those days when you move around looking for a job with an envelope filled with files - or as we say in Kenya, tarmacing.

Now you have online resources that will let you find what you need in half the time.

Tailor your resume to perfection

Your resume defines who you are in written form. It is completely wrong to submit the same Resume to any job advert. Your skills, career objectives, hobbies and work experience should match the job you’re applying for; random resumes barely get reviewed. Spend quality time in writing. It takes a great patient to cook a delicious meal.

Get connected

Start mingling with people who can help. Connect with professionals. You should attend seminars, participate in discussions and voluntary activities. Your potential boss might be sitting around the corner listening and observing. Create a compelling profile on Fuzu and follow updates of professionals. Spend less time on irrelevant chat. Join and discuss with senior colleagues in groups and always ask a question. Visit Quora and give relevant answers to questions related to your field. Tell family and friends that you need a job.Basically, let the act of searching for a job become your full time gig.


This article has been condensed and edited. The original version, on Father Prada appears here and was contributed to our blog by Fatherprada.

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