The future of recruitment starts in Kenya!  

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With great pleasure we welcome our first ever users into the Fuzu career development service. You are witnessing something entirely new in the world of job search and recruitment!

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Fuzu enables you to take charge of your own career development. We have designed a comprehensive service that guides you throughout the job seeking experience by recommending jobs and learning content that best suits you. Therefore it is very important that you fill in your digital CV (My Profile) as complete as possible. Once you have done this, you can use it in your job applications without the need to be sending out separate CVs to different employers.   

You may define your career goal in the Career Hub (My Goal). Once you have done this you will see what steps are recommended for you to achieve your goal. Take a look at our learning resources with useful courses that will allow you to quickly enhance your skills. Our news feed keeps you updated on the latest trends and useful tips within the job market.

The future of recruitment starts in Kenya. We look forward to your input and feedback as we develop Fuzu further. New jobs are added every day and we look forward to perfecting the user experience for both job seekers and employers alike. This is the beginning of something great and we are happy to have you on board. 


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    Examiner | December 15, 2015 23:36

    how do you complete your profiles? have completed everything and you're awarding me 85%? what is not happening?

    Stella | November 08, 2015 12:33

    Do you only find jobs around nairobi?What if I just need a simple job with no experience can get since I am a student and have not complete Diploma nor I gone for an attachment?

    Moses | October 03, 2015 06:30

    am really tired of going looking for job, here seems to b a easy way, pliz help me by telling me wat is needed here.


    Fuzu | October 07, 2015 11:24

    You need to start by filling in your online CV (under My Profile). That way you will be visible to the employers. Then you may apply for jobs here on Fuzu.

    Zacharia | September 25, 2015 15:12

    What about self employment how can u put that in a cv


    Fuzu | October 07, 2015 11:22

    You can add this in your work experience.

    Fuzu | September 21, 2015 10:34

    Hello Elizabeth, any experience you have, even if just an internship, is valuable. So please do record that in your profile under Work Experience. Best, Paula/Fuzu Team

    Elizabeth | September 18, 2015 06:04

    Your comments what if you are from school and you have no experience of any job. only gone for an attachment. its getting tuff when filling your profile please help on that.

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