The Interview Check List

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Once you get the interview invite message or call, are you prepared to impress the recruiter?

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Are you ready for that interview?

You have made numerous applications hoping to finally land that job. However, once you get the invite message or call for the interview, are you prepared to impress the recruiter?

This interview checklist will provide you with the basic guidelines to acing that interview.

1.Get your outfit ready

The same way you would buy a new pair of cloth to celebrate a holiday is the same way you should prepare for an interview. Carefully consider all factors while selecting an outfit. It would be good to opt for an official look even if you have read about the company culture and noticed the set up is relaxed. First impressions are everything and to a potential employer, it can make a big difference. Remember, you only get one chance to impress.

2.Review the job description 

It's important to analyze and review the job posting and list the important qualities and skills the employer is looking for. Visualize how the skills and qualities you possess would be a good addition to the role and the company as well. Be ready to defend your qualifications based on the job description.

3.Research the company

Before stepping into that interview room, make sure you have researched on the company and have an understanding of what it is they do, their mission, vision and objectives. You can use google to review the company website and other social media platforms to gather as much information as possible. Be informed.

4.Practise answering interview questions

Fuzu can help you practice answering common interview questions. Prepare and learn on how to succeed at a job interview. Take advantage of our free online courses and articles and be ready to shine.

5.Get directions and time 

If you have no idea where your potential employer is based, call before hand and inquire. To ensure you get their on time, you can visit their offices a day or two before the set date for the intervdiew and figure out how long the commute will take you. As a rule of thumb, show up 30 or 15 minutes before the scheduled interview time.

6.Send a Thank You Message

Always thank the interviewer for considering you for the position whether you qualify or not. This reinforces your interest in the position.

Finally, nobody is a natural born job hunter. Practice makes all the difference. Now is a good time to brush up your job interview skills!


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