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Not knowing how to manage that ‘invaluable’ A- player is precipitate for disaster when they decide to jump ship leaving a vacuum in the team. 

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Almost every business (or team) has that individual that goes above and beyond in exceeding their boss’ expectations; outshines his/her colleagues by getting more work done  and better results in a shorter time span.  Not knowing how to manage that ‘invaluable’ A- player is precipitate for disaster when they decide to jump ship leaving a vacuum in the team. Group dynamics are as a result of the varying skills and intelligence, which implies a collective team stands to achieve more in the long-run as compared to a singled individual. 
Traits of a superstar employee
While most employees seem to come work because they have to, superstar employees stand out because of their love of what they do. Superstar employees are characterized by:-

Self- motivation
Being a superstar is not aptitude related, it is motivational and behavioural driven. There’s natural motivation deep down every superstar towards the work that they do. They will assume any role or additional responsibilities as long as it brings them satisfaction.

Though nobody has all the answers at their fingertips, superstar employees take their time to research and will have a clear picture of what lays ahead. This enables them to anticipate for issues and come up with solutions even before they occur. This is usually extended to the networks they build.

Knowing how to keep an individual with a blend of integrity, innovation and talent all in one in check requires mastery of some sorts. No matter how much they talented, motivated or skilled one a superstar employee can be, he/ she still needs you (the manager). They too can too can lapse in judgement or at least fail to be objective about their own performance. Here are a few examples on how to manage your MVP:-

Positive feedback is a source of motivation. One shouldn’t go overboard when giving positive feedback to an extent of stroking another person’s ego. Yes he/she may be able to undertake a task that takes two complete but over praising will only lead to creation of a prima donna who thinks they are of more value than their fellow team mates. Constantly remind them of humility and promote collaborative business culture.

Don’t play favourites
Culture should be uniform. Playing favourites creates double standards in the company and subsequently divisiveness. There should be a level playing ground for all employees; no one should feel entitled. As a manager you might be tempted to throw more tasks your superstar’s way because of their capability as opposed to delegating fairly among your employees. As convenient as it may seem, you will be greatly contributing to your superstar’s burnout. 

At the end of the day, as an employer you will always go for the crème de la crème of your job applicants. It’s therefore necessary to know how to engage with the smartest guy in the room who will challenge you in ways that you don’t expect. Hiring a superstar employee has substantial benefits but greatly depends on the ‘best’ practices you create to ensure a healthy team.


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