The Word Bank banking on Kenyan entrepreneurs

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Fuzu News Centre: week of 3rd June

You know how we catch up every Friday! We give you updates on all the business stories that happened during the week to keep you informed. Be sure to find all the trending stories on the ‘Fuzu News Centre’. Here is your week in rewind.


The World Bank banking on Kenyan entrepreneurs

The World Bank in partnership with the Kenyan government has launched the Kenya Industry and Entrepreneurship Project (KIEP) which aims to provide a platform for entrepreneurs to develop innovative solutions that will boost the manufacturing sector. KIEP which is part of the industrial transformation program is set to benefit 33,050 people and 2,393 firms and will be inclusive of students, SMEs and startups.

“The development of the private sector is the key to growth, job creation and youth empowerment in the developing countries,” said Felipe Jaramillo, World Bank country director for Eritrea, Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda while launching the 5 billion shilling project.

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It’s all about the money

During the Madaraka Day Celebration, the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) Governor, Dr. Patrick Njoroge, took Kenyans surprised when he announced the issuance of new notes which were released on 31st May. Despite the CBK Governor pointing out that the new notes will be celebrating Kenya’s culture and uniqueness, it has received some resistance with already two cases filed opposing its implementation due to the images used. Let’s see how this unfolds.

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Film Lecturers & Trainers Association in Kenya (FLeTA-K) partners with Canon

The creative industry is steadily on the upwards trend and the partnership between Canon Central and North Africa and the Film Lecturers & Trainers Association in Kenya (FLeTA-K) just gave it a boost. The partnership is meant to develop knowledge and skills of creative professionals in the film and photography industry. This will be spread over the next 8 months and will be carried out in more than universities and training institutions in Nairobi. This couldn’t have come at a better time considering how the appetite for Kenyan movies has increased with filmmakers outdoing themselves if Rafiki, Supa Modo, Lusala and The Yard TV series is anything to go by.

Psst! The NBO Film Fest (Nairobi Film Festival) will be running from June to 16th June 2019 at Prestige Cinemas in Nairobi.

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You got hacked!

A screenshot of the National Youth Service website.

A total of 18 government websites were hacked earlier this week by W4r10k – a Kurdish hacker group. Even though the government spokesman Col Oguna downplayed the incident saying the affected sites were just informational platforms and termed it as intrusion, one couldn’t help but be concerned how safe our data is with such breaches occurring. Hacked websites include National Youth Service, Judicial Service Commission etc.

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Nursing the health sector... new health curricula for better skills.

The government of Uganda through the Ministry of Education unveiled a new training curricula for public and general health nursing, pharmacy, Anesthesia and medical theatre techniques. This new curricula aims to promote competence based training in the country and is in line with the Skilling Uganda strategy. It comes in the backdrop of complaints by patients who for a longtime have complained about being mishandled by nurses.

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