Tips for employers looking to hire fresh talent post Covid-19

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The steps HR or hiring managers take today to avoid losing top talent, will determine the future of most businesses post the Covid-19 crisis.

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Every organization is quickly adapting on how to hire and train new employees. According to the UN International Labour Organization, around 195 million full time workers are likely to suffer severely due to COVID-19. However, in some industries there’s already a high demand for talent. The steps HR or hiring managers take today to avoid losing top talent will determine the future of most businesses post the Covid-19 crisis. As we grapple with the hope of reopening the economy, here are some tips for employers looking to hire top talent:

Job market

Awareness of what is happening in the job market is the first step. Stay updated about the latest developments in the labour market. It is key for you to understand the impact and changes that have taken place in your sector. This might affect your recruiting efforts in the post Covid world.      

Recruitment strategy  

Not just anyone can fit the role in the organization. This means you need to deeply reflect on the short and long term state of your business. Ask yourself, who is it that you need to fill the role and why? You need to be strategic on who to hire. Be sure to involve the input of the hiring team members in the new strategy so that everyone is on the same page.   


This is essential now more than ever. Utilize the application track system or pre-employment assessment tool to assist in the process of hiring. This will help build a social and engaging talent pool where you have qualified candidates. When there is a vacancy then you reach out and get someone qualified to fill the position.


As you are on the lookout for fresh and new talent, remember to be inclusive of diverse skills. Most times a lot of companies forget about this yet it can build a positive and productive work environment. The employer needs to be intentional in this and not just do it as a publicity stunt to build their corporate image.


During the economic down turn job seekers are looking for long term job security and opportunities that allow growth in their career. In your job postings focus on informing the candidates how the position available offers a chance to advance their career and ease concerns about their future in relation to the profession.   


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