Tips on getting ready for that fresh start

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We are naturally social beings as humans, always yearning for positive interactions and a sense of belonging. 

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Congratulations! You made it through the interview, you got the job. It’s a new chapter for you. This means it’s a new working environment, new corporate culture, new colleagues, new boss, new responsibilities but most of all new opportunities and challenges. What should be your expectations and how best can you adapt to this environment? Being in the know, appreciating others’ opinions and building healthy human relationships will help you in a long way to fit in your new work place. Here are a few tips on how to go about it.

Knowledge is key

To build up your sense of self confidence, learn as much as you can about the company, its departments and its top executives. All these can be learnt during the orientation process. Most people however end up being overly enthusiastic about the new work place wanting their abilities to be recognised which may lead to one being overly proactive or talkative. It is important during the initial stages to be observant and know how things are done.

Appreciate feedback and opinion

Accepting feedback and constructive criticism does not mean that you did not do your best but it also shows that you value your colleagues’ knowledge and experience. This will help you learn on how to do things differently or better and doesn’t in any way show that you are incompetent.

Build and cherish friendships

We are naturally social beings as humans, always yearning for positive interactions and a sense of belonging. Having your colleagues as friends ensures that you have better relationships at work; people who have good friends at work are more likely to be satisfied and happy at work and therefore more productive. This also makes it easy for the team as a whole to adapt to any change within the organization. Good relationships at the workplace are founded on: - open mindedness, trust, communication, mutual respect e.t.c.

Organizations have different cultures and offer different experiences, the pace with which you will adapt to all depends on you. Have fun at work.


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