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What people were most interested in 2019.

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We thought you’d be interested to know what people were most interested in 2019. We analyzed our data to uncover the most read articles to save you from the hustle of sifting through all the articles and go straight to the must-reads. You’ll find interesting articles interesting too. 

How to get yourself headhunted - 4 simple tips!

Not all jobs are advertised. Sometimes, a recruiter may choose to headhunt and approach anyone who they deem fit for a vacant position. Here is how you can get yourself headhunted too! 

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We asked our users how much they’d like employers to pay them (and why) . Here’s what they said...

Are you curious to find out how much people would like to earn across different fields? Check out the responses we got from our users.

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How to Prepare A STAR CV That Will Help You Secure Your Dream Job

These are the techniques you need for writing a STAR CV as you step into 2020. Your old techniques haven’t gotten you your dream job, why not try out these new ones. 

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6 Reasons why recruiters are ghosting you after job interviews

Have you ever been ‘stringed along’ by a recruiter during an interview process who then cuts off communication suddenly? These could be the reason why.

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Common Cover Letter Mistakes You Should Avoid 

Believe it or not, recruiters disqualify job seekers over trivial mistakes in their cover letters. We compiled the most common cover letter mistakes that you should leave behind in 2019.

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