Trends: Building a Career Online

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Aside from hilarious memes and the chance to roast public figures, the internet has become a great hub for people looking to start their own businesses or side hustles. How can you get in on this?

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Even though a lot of us still follow the conventional path of graduating university then proceeding to look for office jobs, there are those who have discovered the magic of the internet. Buidling a business isn't easy and entrepreneurship isn't for everyone but there are a few things that can translate into sources of money on the internet. If you have a hobby or are good at crafts then the internet is a great place for you to build yourself.

Instagram for fitness

A lot of fitness gurus have found that the 1 minute videos of ther routines can garner them huge followings. These followers can eventually be converted into people who want to hire a personal trainer or to your website where you can sell meal plans or workout routines. The possibilities are endless. Instagram is great because it is visually appealing and the 1 minute limit on videos means you keep people's attention from beginning to end. You can use posts or instagram stories  to bring your passion for healthy living to the masses and make some money while you're at it.

Etsy for crafts

Esty is a great site where people who are crafty can sell their unique handmade items to people all over the world. If you love making jewelry, mats, clothes and things like that, then you can add Etsy to your repetoire. Using sites like this can help you broaden you reach to audiences that wouldn't ordinarily see your items on Facebook or Instagram.

Upwork for writing

If working out or making things with your hands doesn't seem appealing, then maybe creating written content is something that's more up your alley. Upwork isn't just for writers though - it's for freelancers of all kinds. All you have to do is select your areas of expertise and begin bidding for jobs.

Are you making money on the internet in unconventional ways? We'd love to know!

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