Ways people have become innovative in their careers during the coronavirus outbreak

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Why not think out of the box and use this crisis to make a difference and expand your business?

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The negative impact of Coronavirus has been felt across various industries and economies. One can’t help but feel uncertain about the future. Aristotle said, “It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.” These words certainly ring true now more than ever. One way to see the light is by adapting to our new normal and coming up with creative solutions to deal with this situation. This is the time to take our careers to the next level by breaking from the norm and seizing the opportunity. Here’s how some industries are evolving:   


With social distancing in place going out for live concerts or watching movies is out of the question. However, artists and DJ’s have come up with creative ways to still perform live via social media platforms like You-tube, Instagram and Facebook. The platform gives them a chance to interact with their audience both locally and internationally. It is a great way for upcoming artists to build their brand and skills.

Freelance writing is also on the rise with many telling their story on how they are coping with the pandemic. This requires one to be original in how they share their story as this is what many clients are looking for.


During such trying times, there’s bound to be anxiety and worry. Mental health awareness has increasingly become a topic of discussion. Counsellors and psychiatrists are using technology to provide their services online. Online support groups help those affected by the pandemic to feel less alone. It has proved to be efficient just as it would be if it were in person.

Business forums/events

Most companies hold conferences and business forums which help in networking and expanding their outreach. One such company has gone ahead to continue with such events through web-based seminar (webinars) on platforms like Zoom, Google Hangouts just to name but a few. This is a useful platform for business owners to interact with their clients or be in the know of what’s happening economically around the world.


This one of the most affected industries. Well, maybe it is time to take different direction by filling the gap in the market. Some motor companies have ventured into making ventilators which are in low supply. The textile industry has also joined in by making masks which are an essential protective gear.

So, why not think out of the box and use this crisis to make a difference and expand your business?

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