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What Does Your Former Employer Say About You

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Leaving a lasting impression will ensure that your former employer has wonderful and positive things to say about you.

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The best way for a potential employer to find out about your work ethic and team spirit is by contacting your former employer. Leaving behind a good reputation when you leave an employer is very important; as the saying goes, “never burn bridges”.

Leaving a lasting impression will ensure that your former employer has wonderful and positive things to say about you. An employer will not only state the duration of your employment, salary and job position, they can also add on information on your performance or attendance records. So, are there some things that an employer can and cannot say about you?

There are no laws in Kenya regulating what an employer can and cannot divulge about their former employee. For example, if they were asked to give a reason as to why you were fired from your previous position, they have the right to state them and give full explanation as to why. Legally, they have to make sure that the information is factual in order to avoid a lawsuit.

To find out what your former employer is going to say about you, it’s advisable to ask them. Most employers will let you know exactly what they plan on saying. You can also ask someone that you know to call your former employer so that you can know what was divulged.

When talking to a potential employer it’s important to ensure that you are also telling the truth as to why you left. Honesty is the best policy and this will increase your chances of landing the job.


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    Livingstone | October 10, 2017 15:32

    I have worked in socian agency as a senior Mason where I enjoyed exercising my skills in construction. I then left for my studies on building and construction diploma and am now through. My employer is much pleased with my effort.

    Yaro | June 01, 2017 09:42

    i have worked as a B.O.G teacher and the organisation was realy interested by my working experience,and then i left for other studies about IT and now iam through eager to work with any organisation concerning the areas i have mentioned.

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