What it takes to be an Operations Manager

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Though a fancy job, being an Operations Manager requires a lot of patience, ability to coordinate, effective planning and great leadership skills. 

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There is a lot of responsibility that comes with being an Operations Manager in any organization no matter the size. The role involves overseeing the provision of services in your organization and ensuring that everything runs smoothly. As an Operations Manager, you will need to ensure that the services your organization provides meets the needs and expectations of your clients. The scope of an Operations Manager role is broad with key performance indicators varying from one organization to the other. Monitoring and analyzing the business interests and whether it’s on track is a vital role played by an Operations Manager. 

Report writing, analysis of statistics and management of day-to-day activities are requirements of an Operations Manager. The role involves working together with different team members and team managers of different departments within the organization. In other organizations, they are also tasked with the training of new employees, supervision and keeping track of employee performance. In a nutshell, Operations Managers are involved in the general administrations, business planning and personnel matters of the organization. Other tasks and responsibilities include but are not limited to:

• Manages the team’s growth and efficiency

• Responsible for the daily operations planning

• In charge of organizing, planning and implementing of all inventory activities for the organization and clients

• Ensures that the organization’s health and safety standards are being met and abide with the law

• Provides clarity and guidance to staff

What then does it take to become an Operations Manager?

1. Leadership

As an Operations Manager, you will need to be an exemplary leader to your team. Being an exemplary leader simply means being supportive of your team members and ensuring that you are consistently encouraging employees to perform at their peak. 

2. Effective listener

As a leader, your team members will rely on you for guidance and directions. To be an effective Operations Manager will require you to learn effective listening. This enhances good working relationships between yourself, your colleagues and the management. When talking to your colleagues give them room and contribute and while at it, ensure you maintain eye contact and give them your undivided attention. 

3. Flexibility

As mentioned earlier, there are plenty of hats that an Operations Manager wears. This means that one has to be able to perform various duties to ensure that the business processes are well adapted, services being provided are up to stellar and employees are giving their best at the work place. 

4. Effective communicator

As an Operations Manager, your team will rely on you for information and guidance. Your day-to-day is based on assigning tasks to different departments and ensuring the targets are met. Communicating all this will require you to be an effective communicator. Most of us are not born as effective communicators. However, with the right mentorship and training, we can learn to become effective communicators. 

5. Problem solver

One skill that most hiring managers are after when hiring is problem solving. Bosses want employees who can troubleshoot and find solutions to problems that arise in the business. As an Operations Manager, you are working with other teams and departments to ensure that the set targets are met. At the same time, you will need an analytical mind and the ability to solve problems that arise within the business. 

Though a fancy job, being an Operations Manager requires a lot of patience, ability to coordinate, effective planning and great leadership skills. It’s a challenging job that will keep you on toes and give you great career satisfaction. 

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