What you should know when applying for a job

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The most important thing is understanding what the job position requires and aligning yourself with the requirements.

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Whether you are already employed or unemployed, the process involved in securing a job is stressful. Before you begin the application process, you need to be well prepared. Here are 4 things you should know when applying for a job:

1. Social media can be a deal-breaker

We live in times where most people post their lives a lot on social media platforms. You should know that nowadays some employers take to social media to see what kind of candidate you are. Your resume alone is not enough. They will often peruse your social handles to see your social life and sometimes use what you post to determine whether to hire you. If the content you put out there is not appealing, it could cost you a good job. Therefore, if you’re at a point in your life where you are looking for a graduate job, you may want to slow down on what you post online, particularly your wild weekend activities.

Nevertheless, social media can also work in your favor. While employers may not want to see the wild things that you do in your life, they may like you if you present yourself respectfully and professionally. There are professional social media platforms such as LinkedIn that you can leverage to market yourself. Such forums allow you to showcase your strengths and capabilities. You should use those platforms to boost your professional identity.

2. Strengthen your resume

A CV is a critical tool when you are applying for a job. It offers you a chance to sell yourself by displaying your best qualities and skills. A good resume will get you that first interview. It is essential to know that standards for resumes vary depending on the industry you are applying to. Also, in the last decade, there have been changes in the way CVs are written. So, if you have been unemployed for a long time or have taken a sabbatical, you may want to update your resume before making that application.

Among the basic things to take into consideration when developing your resume is the font especially if you are applying through an online platform. Certain fonts such as serif fonts cannot be read by the ATS software thereby making it difficult for your resume to reach a potential employer. Therefore, you ought to keep the font simple for it to be recognized by the computer. Sometimes, a job may require you to send numerous documents that would make your file large. In such cases, you can convert the files into a RAR file. Once received, the employer can use a RAR opener to extract your compressed files. The advantage of unzipping files like RAR extractor is that they are small, easy to split, and open. Therefore, when you send files in this format, you are assured that they will reach the recipient uncompromised. It also helps that your computer is free of viruses before you send any compressed file. If your Mac, for instance, is full of viruses, you can use Cleanmymac to keep it free of any malware. (Take a look at this Cleanmymac review if you’d like to know more).

3. Network is essential

Conducting a job search is not easy. Networking on the other hand is paramount when you are job hunting. This process makes you known to people and employers who might recommend you for jobs in your area of interest. You should know that there is an informal way of hiring where people are employed without the job being advertised and it is as a result of networking.

A good referral may get you hired instantly because the human resource personnel trusts the person doing the referral. So, instead of only focusing on through advertisements, you should go out and meet people. While at it, you need to treat each network as a potential opportunity.

4. Avoid generic applications

One of the mistakes that most people make when applying for a job is sending a generic application. When applying for a job in research, for example, you may want to understand the position advertised then tailor your application to what the employer is looking for. Among the things you should focus on are the things that make you stand out, your previous experience in research, and how it relates to the advertised position as well as skills that make you perfect for the job. Show engagement and interest in the position. For instance, if you’re applying for an IT position, having a hobby of building your own simple computers with a Raspberry Pi 4, shows personal engagement, and compatibility for the position. While utilizing keywords is important, you should not let them denominate your application. The goal is to put in an outstanding application.


Applying for a job can be a daunting task and for you to pull through, you need to put in a lot of work. The most important thing is understanding what the job position requires and aligning yourself with the requirements. When you employ these tips, you will have the advantage of at least getting to the interview stage.

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