Why employees leave and how to improve retention with your employer brand.

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Employees expect their employers to provide relevant opportunities that would aid in their career growth.

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Humans do not live in solitary but in a community where different values are impacted on them. The values determine whether an individual can thrive in a particular work environment or not. The values can be reflected in the way we treat and interact with our employer. We tend to be comfortable around employers whom we have the same interests with, employers unto whom we can easily express ourselves to, and those who appreciates us.  We tend to be more comfortable in a work place where we are shown human decency and respect. Failure to find those in a work environment, we often wander off in search of better places where we can find value in ourselves. The reasons why we wander off has something to do with us being disengaged from the activities around us.

Disengagement of employees, can be as a result of many factors. According to a research, for the employees who leave, money is important but is not the only reason. Those who quit for a good pay said that the primary reason they chose a new organization was the opportunity to do more meaningful work. Other reasons for employee disengagement can also be; lack of career growth and development opportunities, feeling underutilized, bored and unchallenged by work, and lack of flexibility in work engagements.

It is human nature to desire growth and development. Any employee who does not feel that way might not be looking to stand out in the competitive job market. Employees expect their employers to provide relevant opportunities that would aid in their career growth. Tasks should be allocated depending on one’s skills.

In a highly competitive labor economy, employees tend to have options when they are not treated as they deserve. Employee-employer relationship is like a marriage. There are tough times and hurdles. Take for instance, if you are an employee working in an environment where there is no flexibility in work engagements, where your own personal time is not appreciated, where you are micromanaged and distrusted, wouldn’t that be forming a recipe for resignation?

Upon the resignation of an employee, there is a significant business cost to replacing employees. It costs businesses about one fifth of a worker's salary to replace that same employee. The cost is reflected in the cost of hiring and training a new employee, and the slow productivity witnessed until the new employee gets up to speed. 

Maintaining a stable workforce, or reducing employee turnover should therefore be at the core of every employer’s plans. In order to increase retention, the following should be considered by employers.

  1.  Create a value-based compensation philosophy. This entails how you translate your company’s culture to reflect how you appreciate workers. Offer promotions based on their skills and hard work. When you create a value-based compensation plan, make sure you stick with it.

  2.  Keep in touch with the employees, to know how they feel about working in your organization. Are they happy? Are they appreciated? Are their needs, challenges, career development being met?

  3. Provide opportunities for the employees to use their skills and abilities to attain the organization’s objectives.

  4. Share knowledge about the organization with the employees. This has to do with the financial stability and the future of the company. Let them know.

  5. Do not micromanage, give employees opportunities to lead.

  6. Give clarity on roles and expectations.

  7. Respect employees' personal time and space.

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