Why is team building important?

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Engaging in activities that allow team members to build on their problem-solving, communication, trust, conflict resolution and planning skills makes it more crucial for organizations to encourage team building activities.

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Team building brings people together by encouraging teamwork and collaboration. Engaging in fun activities gives you a chance to view your colleagues in a different light from the one you get in an office setting. Results is one of the most important factors when it comes to team building. Engaging in activities that allow team members to build on their problem-solving, communication, trust, conflict resolution and planning skills makes it more crucial for organizations to encourage team building activities. Moreover, they help build deeper connections, processes and conversations. So, what are the benefits of team building activities?

  • Helps team members get to know each other much better by socializing and networking which helps build friendships thus increasing productivity at the workplace.
  • Enhances communication which makes people feel more open to talk to each other and engage freely at work.
  • Team building helps make team members comfortable around each other which helps enhance team creativity leading to better ideas and solutions to problems.
  • Teams that emerge winners in the different activities and get recognized helps give them bragging rights which helps in building friendships at work.
  • Being competitive helps teams become more productive and give their best to ensure they outshine other team members.


There are various activities that you can consider to be able to achieve results from team. These activities will not only help build relationships among team members but will also help teams become more successful and productive. Most companies that offer team building services always tailor make activities for the team based on the number of attendees and the teams need. Most activities offered are usually in the form of games or problem-solving challenges. Example of team activities that you can engage in include:

  1. Tag of war
  2. Escape room games
  3. Symbol challenge
  4. Pictionary
  5. Truth and lies
  6. Scavenger hunt
  7. Treasure hunts

There are hundreds of games that your team can engage in and all this are based on what the team wants to accomplish at the end of the day. What kind of exercises do you want your team to engage in? some of the exercises you could focus on include but are not limited to:

  • Communication exercises
  • Planning exercises
  • Problem-solving exercises
  • Creative exercises
  • Team motivation exercises
  • Team bonding exercises


Kenya, being one of the most blessed countries has plenty of locations that can cater for your team building needs. Most of these venues charge based on the number of team members – the higher the number of attendees the lower the rates. Depending on your budget, your team will be spoilt for choice on where to go. Moreover, you can hire a team building company that has the expertise that you require to be able to ensure you maximize the full benefits of your investment. Below are some of the locations that you can consider for your team building activities:

Lukenya Getaway

Located about 40 kilometers from Nairobi with the perfect surrounding of the Lukenya Hills, Lukenya Getaway provides a quiet ambience for team buildings or team trainings. There is plenty of space to engage in fun activities with amazing sunsets in the evening and beautiful giraffes and antelopes.

Sawela Lodges

Located a few kilometres from Naivasha town, Sawela Lodges provides your team with the perfect team building venue. They have facilitators who can facilitate your team activities throughout your stay if need be.

Fisherman’s Camp

Looking to make your team bonding more fun? How about camping? Fisherman’s Camp located in Naivasha, which is about two hours drive from Nairobi, offers camping grounds, boat trips, rock climbing, bike rides among other activities. What could be more fun than having your teams bond over a bonfire after enjoying the activities lined out for them during the day?

Rapids Camp

Rapids Camp is in Sagana which is about 109 kilometers from Nairobi. Teams can itch their tents overlooking the beautiful Sagana Waterfalls. Well facilitated with barbeque grills, Rapids Camp is one of the noteworthy camping places in Kenya.

Lake Bogoria Spa Resort

Lake Bogoria Spa Resort offers a relaxed and comfortable environment for teams that need to bond. Besides recreational spaces for different team activities, they also offer retreats and camping grounds. Their team building facilities are designed to create endurance among team members. Some of their activities include mine fields, treasure hunts, obstacle walls among others. 

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    BEATRICE | August 03, 2017 13:56

    Teams building plays very crucial role in present organization.People are able to loosen up during this period and the Inner person is seen . This creates another understanding leading to different approach of dealing with persons. The content here is a mirror to how organizations can engage in teambuilding . Quite informative content. Thanks for sharing.

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