Why talking to a Career Advisor is useful

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Talking to a career advisor can just be the best investment you ever made. The goal of a career coaching session is to help you get a clear picture of how to develop your career. No matter if you are a fresh graduate or a seasoned professional, career coaching can be useful for you.

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Who can benefit from career coaching? In short, the answer is everyone. For example, 4th year university students wondering about their future career opportunities can definitely benefit from career coaching. More established professionals will find it useful to brainstorm ideas for the next steps with the help of a trained career advisor. Those feeling stuck or unsatisfied with their current work can benefit from professional insights and support in finding a more satisfying career.

See below three ways a career advisor can be helpful for you, whether you are just starting your career, already a seasoned professional, or something in between.  

1.  Build self-confidence and motivation 

The ultimate starting point for a successful career is to gain enough confidence in yourself and your skills, followed by motivation to strive for success. A career advisor can help you recognize your strengths and potential, as well as give you an objective view on where you stand in terms of the competition. Once you have established a realistic and positive outlook on your career, a good career advisor will motivate you to take the next step.

2.  Map out a Career Path, don’t just get a job

Are you aimlessly drifting from a job to another? Will you do just about anything to make a living? While it is good to be willing and grab opportunities, it is also important to be in charge of your own career development. Instead of just jumping in for the money, ask does the job have long term potential? Do they treat the employees fairly? Is the work challenging enough? A career advisor can help you plan more long term and map out opportunities based on your interests and passion.

3.  Get support in making difficult career decisions

Navigating the working world can be tough. Sometimes we find ourselves on a crossroads with no time to hesitate to take the next turn. Your friends or family are not the best advisors as they may well just tell you what you want to hear or play to their own motives. It is better to consult a professional career advisor for making an informed decision. They have experience of typical career situations and can give you more perspective and objective advice.


Boost your Career with Fuzu Career Advisors

A lot of people have approached us asking about career advice. We are happy to answer this request by launching Fuzu Career Booster, a service that connects you with a professional career advisor. Our certified advisors hold several years of experience in coaching people, from graduates to executives. They will help you find your strengths, map out a career path and propose you practical next steps.

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    Ambrose | September 01, 2016 15:01

    do u offer place for form four levels who never continue with further education?? plz i need assistant

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