“Working class” Fast-Food Junkies

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White-collar workers spend a large percentage of the day working. This leaves little time for play or exercise which is a leading cause of abdominal obesity.

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While everyone wants a piece of the cushy corporate cake, working in the corporate world can take a toll on your health and wellness… if not careful. Hours of sitting in meetings coupled with a reliance on fast (junk) foods, leads to many white-collar workers suffering from increased blood pressure, body weight… and even more serious diseases like diabetes or heart disease!

An alarming number of young people across Kenya (and globally) show symptoms and signs of serious diseases because of a lack of exercise, movement and consumption easy, quick meals. The WHO (World Health Organization) paints a grim picture. They estimate the probability of a young person dying early from diabetes or heart disease to be almost 1 in 5.

Over-indulgence in fast foods has helped to create unhealthy lifestyles at work and home. It has also increased the chance of risky behavior: tobacco use; physical inactivity; harmful amounts of alcohol and an unhealthy diet.

Ken Owino (not his real name), was born in 1985. In 2013, at 28, he was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. He’d battled obesity for years before his diagnosis. Ken blames his poor lifestyle choices, more specifically ‘Beer na nyama choma’ two or three times each week, coupled with a sedentary IT job. Now, living a healthy lifestyle is no longer a choice for Ken. It’s literally the difference between life and death. His doctors agreed these contributed to its onset.

Poor work-related diet

Basically, people who work in white-collar jobs are so focused on work results, they forget to prioritize their own health. They generally consume a lot of junk food, snacks, processed foods, coffee and sugary drinks. These foods contain high levels of bad cholesterol (fat), sodium, and refined sugars, and have a bad effect on the health of those who consume these foods.

Making smart diet choices, losing weight, managing stress and joining a help prevent work-related diseases and improve your overall well-being and quality of life.

Easy Street is a Sedentary Place

Everyone wants to work in comfort all day long. We love comfort, free from strenuous physical work. While this is every worker’s dream, it cultivates a sedentary work lifestyle, which can then create a sedentary home lifestyle.

White-collar workers spend a large percentage of the day working. This leaves little time for play or exercise which is a leading cause of abdominal obesity. This in turn links to higher rates of diabetes, high blood pressure and in extreme cases, heart and blood vessel complications, even heart attacks or strokes. The higher up the work pyramid you move, the less mobile you become, especially the bosses who never do anything for themselves, even sending subordinates to fetch coffee. These people are at a greater risk.

Smoking and excessive alcohol are also key risk factors that can directly predispose you to diseases. Peer pressure or escape can lead to the excessive use of alcohol, especially when used to relieve workplace stress.

We all want to live our best life and enjoy our sunset years. Lose one bad habit, pick up one good habit. YOLO! (You Only Live Once).


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