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ICT and Software jobs in Kenya

ICT and Software

ICT and Software jobs include professionals oversee all networking components, applications, devices and systems and all these combined allow organizations and people to interact in the digital world.

Information Technology (IT) technicians provide technical support, maintain computer systems, and teach their clients the basic skills they need to operate newly installed systems and programs. Aspiring practitioners can find certificate and degree programs in information technology and acquire industry-recognized certifications.

Experienced ICT technicians may also be required to design network security infrastructure. Due to the nature of the profession, practitioners are required to have a keen eye for detail, patience for repetitive work and analytical skills, and extensive knowledge of the current protocols that are relevant to their field. Other desirable characteristics include accuracy and good problem-solving skills.

The latest statistics show that the number of ICT & Software jobs has been steadily growing, especially for specialized professionals like network security, big data analytics, and Chief Technical officers. Other related job titles with good employment prospects include web domain management, machine learning, and freelance developers.