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Currently there are no open jobs at International Health Sciences University . As soon as there is an opening it will be published on this page.

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The International Health Sciences University (IHSU) in Uganda is a niche University that is licensed by the Uganda National Council for Higher Education (NCHE [UI.PL 013]). IHSU is a non-residential university offering health sciences and business courses and grooms students to become tomorrow's leaders in the provision and management of health services nationally and internationally. We are a values-based University. We seek to not only increase the numbers (Quantity) of healthcare and business professionals but to also develop professionals of Quality and fit for Purpose. We believe that improving the health of a nation requires not only improving the Skills, Tools, and Knowledge of its health and business professionals, but also changing the way health and business professionals Think so that existing and future problems are approached in a more progressive, adaptive, and responsive way. Our students and graduates are challenged and trusted with an important agenda: to strive for academic excellence and to lead change by moving the health and business sector forward from a business-as-usual approach to producing and implementing creative solutions to existing problems in the country. At the core of IHSU’s success is a group of talented, diverse and exceptional staff who are committed to the vision and mission of the university. The mandate to make a difference and strive for academic excellence is not just for our students. Our staff are tasked with displaying visible leadership, anticipating and responding to changes in the health and business sector and in learning and teaching, employing innovative pedagogy, engaging in professional development, and demonstrating for students the values that underpin the ethos of IHSU. #MakingaDifference and #ReimaginingLearning