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100-500 people

Are you looking for a JOB?One that is Orderly. Predictable. Safe. One with guaranteed outcomes, with set annual increments where you strictly work eight hours a day, five days a week, come rain or shine? If this is you sorry Kava is not for you. We don't do safe and predictable. However...If you are seeking an ADVENTURE, a Spaceship ride more like if you believe life is too short to be spent playing safe,hiding and posing. If you thrive in chaos and uncertainity, building stuff from ground up, only from imagination (not Google). If you like dancing with fear of the unknown, excited at the possibility that your success will likely change a lot of lives- for good. If this is you then Kava is your kind of gig, and you're our kind of guy. Apply now and lets go disrupt something!
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