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Office Romance

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The workplace might not be the most ideal place to find your soul mate while at the same time it might be difficult for one have professional relationship with someone throughout the day and go back home to having an emotional connection to same person.

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It should not come as a surprise when you find yourself dating a colleague, after all most of your waking hours are spent at work. So if cupid chooses not to aim far, that’s where you are most likely to find your excitement. Keeping it off the radar may not be that easy especially when you have colleagues who run the rumour-mill on the side and will notice every glance you steal thwarting your efforts to be discrete. Considering the convenience that comes with dating a co-worker; proximity and familiarity, would you have a go at it? 

There is no written rule book on office romance, it all depends on: - Why? Is it the best thing for you? How are you going to keep it descent? It is your life and should be a private affair for that matter but be clear about it especially because for the longest time people have thought ladies do it to gain career mileage while the men for the love. Here are a few things to note before you ride that wave.

Public display of affection (PDA)
Your colleagues will already be having a hard time trying to decide on whether they should join you whenever they see you two at the cafeteria or break room, ‘It’s probably a private conversation,’ is what they will think. It will therefore be inconsiderate for guys to be walking in on you two in the kitchen ‘fingers doing the walking’ pushing against the fridge. Use of emotional language is like a constant reminder to the singles in the space that they are single, they already know! New found love is like a brand new toy but for your colleagues’ sakes try to keep your hands off each other.

The drama 
Not all of your colleagues will be happy for you; some will always be on the lookout for trouble in paradise. Letting your relationship issues into work is possibly the worst you can do for yourself. Your business becomes everybody’s business. The distraction that will come with the stress as a result of gossip will hinder your productivity.

The subordinate
Some companies have policies that are against bosses dating their subordinates. But what if you had your thing going on before he/ she got a promotion and now you are down the command chain? There’s a caveat- dating your boss will be like building a brick wall for your career. How is he supposed to conduct the reviews? Or say, ‘Sorry babe, I can’t allocate you more funds,’ and expect you to understand? Your relationship with your colleagues might also be at stake when some will start thinking the boss is playing favourites. If the worst comes to the worst and you break up, how awkward will it be for the two of you?

The workplace might not be the most ideal place to find your soul mate while at the same time it might be difficult for one to have professional relationship throughout the day and go back home to having an emotional connection to someone. But if you are in it for genuine reasons why not? Barack and Michelle Obama  made it work Angelina Jolie and Brad Bit made it work too.


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    Dennis | July 07, 2017 17:18

    Smart to just keep emotuonal connections from work.Finding your so called soul mate is better of done elsewhere than at work.My opinion though. Thanks for the lecture.

    Simon | July 04, 2017 16:34

    Very nice to have the lecture

    Jane | July 04, 2017 07:28


    Glory | June 28, 2017 05:56


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