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Intelligent Job Board
automatically markets your positions to just the right people
Digital Headhunter Tool
allows you to find and contact the right person in just a few seconds
Application Tracking System
tests and analyzes the top candidates
Online Training Platform
helps to improve the skills of your organization
Success rate
Find the perfect candidate in the top talent pool in Africa with Fuzu's unique matching solution
Less time on shortlisting
Save up to 70% of time in shortlisting pre-analyzed and ranked candidates.
Faster recruitment
Cut 40% of the overall recruitment time with Fuzu's end-to-end talent management solution.
Access East Africa's fastest growing talent pool.

Hiring solution for every need

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Optimal for simple recruitment campaigns where you just want to review best matching candidate CVs at the end of the application period.Need to get immediate access to talent and want to understand the candidate personalities and growth potential in more detail?Want to feel like Elite? Let Fuzu team handle the entire recruitment process from posting to shortlisting and pre-interviewing of candidates.Need a tailored solution with a simple payment plan? Tell us about your needs and we will make sure you get the best-in-class solution optimized for you and your budget.
KSh 3,999
Starting at KSh 3,199 for purchases of 10+ campaigns
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KSh 7,999
Starting at KSh 6,399 for purchases of 10+ campaigns
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KSh 19,999
Starting at KSh 15,999 for purchases of 10+ campaigns
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”Fuzu database is large and of high quality, allowing us to select a candidate with just the right skills, experience and attitude.”
Paul Rukaria
CEO, Kendy Money Transfer in Kenya
”Fuzu will make a great difference to human capital managers who are seeking to source the right match in the highly competitive employment market.”
Aajay Alva
Director of Strategic Alliances, TechnoBrain Group
”Fuzu’s competences based analysis gives us a better insight of the shortlisted candidates by highlighting their best competences and areas of improvement.”
Rose Maruti
Human Capital Consultant, Human Capital Solutions Services

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