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A&A Specialist Coach

QED Group
Kampala, Uganda

Salary rangeConfidential | Contract type: Permanent

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Job Summary

The role of the AOR/COR at USAID/Uganda is a challenging position. Staff are overburdened due to staffing shortages, and there is a push to work with Local Partners who have limited capacity, all while working in a high-fraud environment. These initiatives require closer and more frequent engagement from the AOR/COR, and expertise in all elements of the AOR/COR role. Due to numerous work demands, many AOR/CORs have not had the time to fully embrace and learn their role. The offices of OAA, OFM and PPD, have hosted training for AOR/CORs in USAID/Uganda, which has helped expose the AOR/CORs to the requirements of their role, but the Mission finds itself in the position where we need a coach to work directly with the AOR/CORs that are struggling, to those who need more individual training.
• Strong understanding of USAID development policies and procedures
• Strong understanding of USAID acquisition and assistance rules and regulations
• Strong understanding of the role of AOR/COR
• Familiarity with USAID financial and contracting software platforms
• Experience in teaching, training or coaching
• Experience being a project manager or AOR/COR


• Develop a methodology on how to engage with the AOR/CORs that assesses individual AOR/COR capabilities at the Mission, and provide feedback that addresses weaknesses and areas for improvement
• Develop individual learning plans for each AOR/COR that requires support
• Carry out the learning plan for each AOR/COR which could include:
o One-on-one coaching to AOR/CORs in USAID/Uganda on all aspects of their role and responsibilities
o Host training sessions for groups of AOR/CORs for common areas of concern
o Develop and orient AOR/CORs on tools that support successful monitoring of their activities, and subsequently track implementation of these tools
o Guide AOR/COR in better understanding their role
o Be a sounding board for AOR/CORs to bounce ideas off of and talk through challenges they may be facing
• Provide feedback to Office Directors on AOR/COR capabilities, successes and challenges, as well as providing input for the employee’s annual performance evaluation and individual development plans
• Assist AOR/CORs to develop capacity assessment skills of implementing partners in order to determine best capacity building approaches
• Provide the Financial Analysts with tools, tips, and training to become better engaged with their respective portfolios and develop best practices to add value and support AOR/CORs in project management and reporting
• Develop a mobile site visit reporting, monitoring, and follow-up tool to be installed on official Embassy Phones for AOR/CORs to detail findings from site visits
• Provide any other support needed as per the requirements of the AOR/COR Certification letter

Job Requirements

Required education: Bachelor's degree
Required relevant work experience: 2 years
Required languages: English (Spoken: fluent | Written: fluent)
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