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Office of the Prime Minister- Uganda   |   Uganda   |   Log in or register to see the closing date

Communication and Visibility Officer

  • Post-graduate education
  • Media, communications, languages
  • Expert (non-managerial)
  • Full Time
  • Temporary
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Job Summary

To guide the overall reporting and communication strategy of the Programme through collection of relevant information from the PMU, the national program stakeholders and implementation partners in a timely manner in accordance with established Government of Uganda (GoU) and European Union (EU) Communication and Visibility procedures and guidelines, including the specific DINU Programme Visibility and Communication Strategy and Plan. On day-to-day operation, he/she will perform the duties under direct supervision of and in close consultation with the National Programme Coordinator, the PMU as well as in cooperation with the Technical Advisors of the DINU Technical Assistance Team (TAT)

Application accompanied by detailed curriculum vitae, copies of certificates and academic transcripts, three competent referees, one of whom MUST be from your current employer or previous employer for those temporarily unemployed plus a passport photo, contact details (mobile number and e-mail), photocopy of the National ID should be addressed


  1. Identify, design and disseminate messages that provide relevant and timely information to the programme stakeholders and target audiences such as beneficiary communities, the public, national and local authorities, the media and development partners
  2. Support the design and implementation of the DINU Programme communication plan and guidelines, including profile raising of the national and international implementing partners, manage the media strategy, including media liaison through issue of press releases and briefings,
  3. Support to organization of programme events such workshops, seminars and conferences at national and local level together with the PMU and the Regional offices, including contacts with the press and media
  4. Organize trips, press conferences, media workshops to ensure that key messages are conveyed to the relevant audiences
  5. Implement media and communication actions for DINU-events, in close coordination including preparing invitation letters and background information of events for disseminating to local media and press representatives. Also drafting and preparing press releases for DINU-events and generating media attendance for all events by contacting media representatives (at both central and local level)
  6. Build and maintain of press and media contact database at central and local level.
  7. Monitor and respond to press statements relating to the Programme and compile daily and weekly press reviews with the aim of increased visibility of the GoU and EU funding and assistance on the Programme;
  8. Design Information, Communication and Visibility (ICV) materials, products and tools such as brochures, articles, visual and audio materials, t-shirts, sign-posts, stickers, fliers, pamphlets,
  9. Support the design and implementation and maintenance of a programme web-site (to be developed with the support of a local service provider)
  10. Liaise and interact with the DINU implementation partners on their visibility and communication plans and guidelines as to create synergies and complementarities regarding the overall DINU visibility and communication actions and outreach,
  11. Coordinate DINU publications, while maintaining quality standards and ensuring that they clearly communicate about the DINU Programme in line with the GoU and EU support and assistance;
  12. Contribute to program monitoring, evaluating, and periodic reporting, including support to the development of activity and work plans;
  13. Support in the preparation of key documents for various PMU and Project Steering Committee meetings etc.
  14. Facilitate exchange of experiences and best practices by provision of relevant, accurate and timely information through quarterly, annual and ad hoc reports, as well as electronic platforms such as the programme website and e-mails. Ensure regular update of a documentation and resource Centre.
  15. Undertake regular visits to the DINU Regional offices and locally implemented projects and initiatives, to capture key events and milestones and to assist with the design and implementation of reporting and communication plans, identify whether planned benefits have been delivered and received;
  16. Continuously evaluate the Reporting and Communication systems of DINU, to ensure that they provide information and anticipate sustainability issues (if any) of the positive outcomes. MINIMUM QUAL

General Information

Salary rangeNot specified
Additional informationNot specified
Contract type: Temporary
Job type: Full Time
Location: Uganda
Area of work: Media, communications, languages
Seniority: Expert (non-managerial)

Job Requirements

Required education: Post-graduate education
Required relevant work experience: 5 years
Required skills: Project monitoring and evaluation (M&E); Brand management; Business strategy; Press relations; Communication; Event management
Required languages: English (Spoken: fluent | Written: fluent)

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Office of the Prime Minister- Uganda

GovernmentalCompany size: 500-1000 people

Article 108 A of the Constitution mandates the Prime Minister to: (i) Be the Leader of Government Business in Parliament and be responsible for coordination and implementation of Government Policies across Ministries, Departments and other Public Institutions. (ii) Perform such other functions as may be assigned to him or her by the President or as may be conferred on him or her by the Constitution or by law.

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