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Criminal Intelligence Officer

Interpol Kenya
Nairobi, Kenya

Salary rangeConfidential | Contract type: Permanent

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Job Summary

The mission of the Trafficking in Human Beings Unit is to provide up-to date specialized knowledge, training and investigative support in the area of THB. In pursuit of that mission, the post holder will be a member of a team whose role is to:
• Make expertise available in the area of THB;
• Develop and enhance partnerships with organizations which deal with global crime issues;
• Develop and co-ordinate best practices in specific areas such as investigation and prosecution of trafficking cases;
• Increase the flow and exchange of information related to the area of THB.


1. Identify and establish and maintain contact with national, regional and international experts in the field of THB:
• Organize/participate in expert group meetings
• Communicate with experts on current/planned/potential activities and new developments
• Carry out missions as required
• Promote the connection between the specialized units and the NCBs
2. Organize and participate in the unit activities (training, operation, investigative support) and others conferences, linked to THB:
• Represent General Secretariat at external events
• Prepare draft agenda, circular letters, invitations to specific speakers for internal events
• Arrange meeting facilities for internal events
• Prepare and distribute materials for internal events
• Draft final report of internal events
• Follow up actions arising from events organized or attended (including mission report)
3. Operational and investigative support to the member countries
• Initiate operational activities based on real information or intelligence and on cooperation
with the Member Countries
• Draft an operational plan and coordinate the pre-operational meetings
• Provide an operation and investigative support to the Member Countries
• Draft an operation report
4. Monitor and analyze information related to THB;
• Evaluate and exploit information received at the General Secretariat from NCBs and other LEAs
• Seek, evaluate and exploit information from open sources and third organizations and
• Link items of information in order to identify trends and develop strategic initiatives
5. Identify major criminal threats with potential regional and global impact;
• Monitor open source information and reports published by third organizations and institutions
• Organize/participate in expert group meetings
• In collaboration with NCB Services & I 24/7 Development and Regional Bureaus Services, review reports of regional meetings to detect and analyze new trends reported on by member countries
• Organize internal information-sharing with relevant officials of NCB Services & I 24/7  Development and Regional Bureaus Services
• Initiate/prepare/participate in programmes to improve international sharing of  information.
6. Pursue strategic partnerships with appropriate third organizations and institutions;
• Monitor activities of third organizations and institutions active in specific crime area
• Evaluate potential benefits of establishing new strategic alliances with third organizations and institutions active in specific crime area and make proposals to establish policy
• Arrange reciprocal participation in meetings of third organizations and institutions active in
specific crime area
• Promote and execute joint projects with third organizations and institutions active in specific crime area.
7. Develop remedies and best practice solutions to problems limiting the effectiveness of law  enforcement agencies;
• Identify problems limiting effectiveness of law enforcement in the specific crime area and  propose solutions
• Identify and propose standards or norms for consideration by expert group meetings/regional conferences/General Assembly
• Organize expert group meetings and other fora to share expertise, experience and  knowledge
• Research, develop and publish best practice materials for investigators.
8. Prepare intelligence reports for dissemination to Member Countries;
• Initiate and prepare programmes and projects concerning the specific crime area
• Execute analytical study and prepare report for publication via appropriate media
• Provide support to Member Countries, in collaboration with Regional & National Police
Services, in ongoing international investigations.
9. Act as a point of reference for Member Countries requiring assistance or advice on the specific area of THB;
• Provide advice and information as required on all elements of investigation of offences in specific crime area and other relevant activities
• Brief visitors/media representatives (with requisite authority) on issues relevant to field of expertise.
10.Serve periodically as permanence officer at the General Secretariat;
• Receive communications and take appropriate timely action during assigned permanence
duty, as outlined in the Stand-by duty instructions.
11. Perform any other duties as required by the hierarchy.

Job Requirements

Required education: Bachelor's degree
Required relevant work experience: 3 years
Required languages: English (Spoken: fluent | Written: fluent)
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