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Head of Sales

Medequip limited
Nairobi, Kenya

Salary rangeConfidential | Contract type: Permanent

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Job Summary

Required Qualifications of the Head of Sales
  • The Head of Sales must have a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Biomedical, Business Management or Procurement or Pharmacy or Sales & Marketing in Communications, or any other related field. The equivalent of this in working experience is also acceptable for the position.
  • The Head of Sales must have had 3 – 5 years of previous working experience in a sales position within a fast-paced and dynamic business environment, preferably working in the position of a Senior Sales Manager. The candidate must also have a proven and successful ability to lead a group of sales personnel towards growth in enhanced sales volumes and enhanced revenue generation, while displaying exceptional leadership skills and confidence. A suitable candidate will also have had experience evaluating product/market situations and analyzing raw data and information, transforming it into actionable sales strategies and approaches.
  • With at least 1 years’ experience in Hospital or Medical Supplies or Pharmacy Marketing/Sale’s


Objectives and Responsibilities
Leadership/Supervisory Role:
  • The very first role of the Head of Sales is to provide leadership over the sales department. The Head of Sales is in charge of developing weekly/monthly/annual and seasonal sales targets for the department, examining growth opportunities, enabling sales improvements, product mix development, and taking responsibility for the department’s performance against targets.
  • Using his expertise and experience, the Head of Sales also manages the departmental calendar in regard to trading priorities inclusive of launches, promotions, exclusives, and campaign activities for the purpose of maximizing sales opportunities. In his leadership capacity, the Head of Sales introduces new brands and categories to the market by leading the sales team in product launches.
  • In this capacity, the Head of Sales is tasked with establishing and overseeing the adoption of departmental vision and values, which forms part of the work culture. He/She also plays a mentorship role to key positions within the sales department, assisting in the execution of duties upon request, honing their professional skills, and readying them for occupation of his position in his absence or retirement.
  • The Head of Sales also plays a major strategic role in the sales department. She/he is tasked with implementing sales strategies that further the department’s agenda and drives enhanced revenue generation for the business. The Head of Sales delivers an optimized market mix relative to the core target consumers and identifies the roadmap that will lead to achievement of the department’s goals as well as the overall goals of the business. The Head of Sales, along with the senior sales management, creates and implements sales action plans that incorporate key actions that work to set KPI’s for the business.
  • The Head of Sales utilizes analytics tools and works with the analytics team in undertaking detailed analyses of sales performance for the purpose of reporting sales strategy successes, weaknesses, and opportunities to senior sales management. Through his/her various research and analyses, the Head of Sales identifies areas of improvement in sales strategies and with a view of establishing actionable insights for the improving of sales and business profits.
  • She/he also monitors and observes the brand and makes forecasts, identifying new trends ahead of the curve, hence, offering the business a competitive advantage and keeping it ahead of its competition in the market.
  • The position of Head of Sales is also highly collaborative and, as such, the Head of Sales  teams up with the other departments in creating product intelligence, for example, product/brand adjacencies, affinities, display rules, conducting trend analysis, and ensuring that these are aligned to support and drive sales and conversion.
  • In this collaboration, he/she also monitors the development of the business’s product from its conceptualization through to its testing and launch and, therefore, carefully understands the product whose sales he is supposed to spearhead, making it easy to tailor unique strategies around that product.
  • The Head of Sales will also works closely with the team and other department in processing relevant data and information, translating it into actionable strategies that drive sales and lead to achievement of targets. He/she similarly partners with the senior sales management for administrative purposes, for example, the development of plans, strategies, structure, budget, vision, and establishment of goals for the department.
  • The Head of Sales is also tasked with managing key relationships on behalf of the business. The Head of Sales builds strong relationships with the external partners and consumers and regularly interacts with them by attending sales workshops, seminars and hosting events, hosting sales events for the business’s product, playing an active role in industry organizations and so forth.
  • These efforts establish the business as a market and thought leader and open up avenues for identification of potential opportunities for sales and revenue generation. In this capacity, the Head of Sales also conducts regular and consistent research on the latest market best practices and trends in order to constantly keep the business at par or even ahead of other players and driving greater sales resulting from the securing a greater market share.
Other Duties: 
  • The Head of Sales also performs other duties as he deems necessary for the execution of his duties and duties as assigned by the Director of Sales, the Chief Sales Officer, or the Employer.

Job Requirements

Required education: Bachelor's degree
Required relevant work experience: 3 years
Required languages: English (Spoken: fluent | Written: fluent)
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