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Project Management and Accounting Lead - Product Development

Woking, United Kingdom

Salary rangeConfidential | Contract type: Permanent

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Job Summary

The purpose of this role is to provide a dedicated resource within the wider Technology Group team to support the Chief Product Officer (CPO) and the Director of M-KOPA Labs with the development and maintenance systems and processes to ensure that all funds received and expended in relation to product management activities are accurately planned, recorded and reported to funders, the M-KOPA C-Team, and the M-KOPA Board in order to:

  • Ensure accurate forecasting and expenditure tracking of all Technology Group (and Labs) income and expenditure, seeking to deliver value for money for M-KOPA, its investors and grant funders;
  • Undertake project management of a number of Labs projects where the time required to do so fits with the programme accounting tasks.
It is anticipated that time will be split 50:50 between the development and implementation of financial forecasting and reporting, with the other 50% being spent on project management activities.



This is a new role within a fast growing department of the company and thus it will be necessary to work with the successful candidate to further develop the Programme Accounting role
1.   Budgeting

Working with the CPO and Director Labs and relevant Project Managers to establish and maintain annual budget projections. The budgets will be reviewed and updated each quarter.
This role will also require coordination with suppliers to obtain quotes for goods and services to include in the budget and subsequent reports.

2.   Purchase approvals

The Programme Accountant will be responsible for working with the Finance Department to ensure that all purchases have the necessary level of approval, and Purchase Orders are properly allocated to relevant project codes once made.

3.   Overseeing weekly/monthly project accounting activities

Liaising with the Finance Department the Programme Accountant will undertake the following tasks on a weekly/monthly basis as required:

·     Ensuring timesheets have been received from all staff and consultants working on M-KOPA Labs projects.
·    Checking the timesheets for accuracy and allocation to correct project codes.
·    Checking expense claims have been properly allocated to project codes against agreed budgets.
4. Working with suppliers to develop estimates and check invoices

Ensuring that the Technology Group to obtain quotes and estimates for goods and services, ensuring that these fit with budget amounts and provide value for money. Once goods and services are delivered it will be necessary to track delivery against the original quote to ensure consistency. Where “agile” software development techniques are being employed it will be necessary to work with the CPO to develop an appropriate process for obtaining estimates for agile software development services.   
5.  Allocation/coding of income and expenditure

Ensuring that all income and expenditure is correctly allocated to relevant project codes and that the accounting system produces reports of expenditure sufficient to update project forecasts/budgets with actual expenditures on a monthly basis.

6.   Developing and implementing reporting processes tools and training

Developing reporting tools to cover all aspects of budget forecasting and tracking. This includes integrating with HQ financial reporting requirements, as well as discreet requirements from individual grant funders. Reporting will also make use of data reporting tools such as Microsoft Power BI.


This is an ideal opportunity for a candidate with experience programme and project accounting, as well as project management within a large organisation or business to join a fast growing organisation and to contribute to its growth. The key markets of M-KOPA are in east Africa – serving low income communities, and it is a requirement of this role that candidates must have a detailed understanding of these contexts.

•      Three (3) to six (6) years’ experience in a similar role in larger or same-sized organisation of relevant duties.
•      Tertiary degree/diploma in a relevant subject such as business accounting.

Experience & Skills:

·   Project accounting within an organisation running projects of a relevant size and scale in developing economy markets.
·    Managing reporting tasks to donor funders, senior managers, and investors.
·     Developing systems and processes to meet funding requirements of donors and providing training to staff.
·    Interpreting data and providing informative reporting tools to help senior management with management tasks.
·     Experienced in computer applications specifically related to project financial management, such as MS Project, MS excel, SQL etc. SQL coding skills are a distinct advantage in this role.

Proven ability to:

·   Effectively and accurately implement and maintain organisation/business systems/policies/processes;
·   Work with a broad range of colleagues from a number of countries– particularly in east African markets;
·   Interact with senior representatives of partner organisations to represent M-OPA effectively.

Job Requirements

Required education: Bachelor's degree
Required relevant work experience: 5 years
Required skills: Budgeting, financial planning; Grant and fund management; Cost tracking, analysis; Process development; Financial analytics and forecasting; Financial reporting; Project implementation; Cost center monitoring; Project Financial Management; Project management information systems
Required languages: English (Spoken: fluent | Written: fluent)
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