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Project Management Specialist (Design and Implementation) | Sol: 72061721R10006

USAID Uganda
Kampala, Uganda

Salary rangeConfidential | Contract type: Fixed term

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Job Summary

USAID/Uganda is seeking for qualified individuals to fill the Project Management Specialist (Design and Implementation) position. The Program Design and Implementation Specialist provides leadership, technical expertise, and overall direction to the design and implementation of USAID interventions in Uganda throughout the program cycle. This includes the facilitation of Collaboration, Learning, and Adaptation (CLA) principles that are essential for smart designs and implementation practices that contribute to the achievement of USAID/Uganda’s development outcomes.


A. Lead or facilitate the development of program designs (60%)
• Under the guidance of the Design Team Lead in the Program Office, and with the support of other design and MEL personnel, the PMS will lead or facilitate the development of programmatic designs throughout the Mission. The PMS will establish Mission design processes and standards and ensure that all design teams comply with Mission expectations. The PMS will work with all design teams to ensure that they develop and follow sound design plans, and develop robust, evidence-based programs in a timely manner.
• On select designs, the PMS will serve as the design lead, not only facilitating others to develop projects and activities, but also themselves conducting desktop research, writing scopes of work and other procurement documentation, and developing budget estimates. The PMS will either lead or support the following activities:
• Recommend and develop procedures and processes that will enable the development of timely, evidence based designs.
• Develop, share, and implement design tools and resources (cost-benefit analysis, gender analysis, budget development) to assist teams.
• Develop thoughtful and robust design plans from the initial concept through procurement.
• Coordinate and negotiate/build consensus on the efforts of a diverse group of personnel across technical and support offices (including finance and procurement) to execute design plans.
• Take stock of best available evidence on the effectiveness of various foreign assistance programs to identify promising/proven interventions.
• Summarize key implementation considerations and make recommendations to help guide activity planning.
• Ensure competition between multiple ideas/options and help teams articulate which option is the most appropriate based on clear standards and principles, such as cost-benefit (weighing pros and cons), opportunity costs (what is lost or the next best option, and marginality (how much resources are needed to address the problem).
• Write scopes of work and program descriptions, as well as other procurement-related materials, for potential bidders inside and outside of Uganda.
• Serve as Contracting/Activity Officer Representative for select programs of Mission-wide import.
B. Develop, Manage, and Coordinate Programmatic CLA Opportunities (40%)
• Under the guidance of the MEL team lead, the PMS will lead or support programmatic learning activities that directly contribute to current or planned interventions. While CLA is a Mission principle and is applied by all staff for all operations (e.g. strategy implementation), the PMS is responsible for developing, managing, and coordinating CLA interventions that affect or influence current and planned programmatic interventions. The PMS’s efforts will be coordinated with and supported by other MEL staff in the Program Office, including monitoring and evaluation specialists and the knowledge specialist.
• Activities will include:
• Facilitating learning and evidence reviews to inform new activity designs and ongoing activity implementation
• Guiding the Knowledge Management Specialist to ensure that evidence (generated by USAID and others, both inside and outside Uganda) is captured and stored in a way that is easily accessible and useful for all staff.
• Conducting closeout reviews of activities and sharing key findings to inform subsequent programs. Supporting technical offices in conducting site visits, documenting and following up on learnings from site visits including points of internal and external collaboration.
• Designing and facilitating portfolio reviews and other activity-level learning reviews.
• Reviewing and analyzing annual and quarterly reports and partner contingency plans, and facilitating discussions with key stakeholders (partners, activity managers) about adaptive measures.
• Ensuring that activity designs clearly articulate with whom, how, and to what end interventions must collaborate to achieve strategic objectives.
• Organizing and facilitating CLA plans and interactions across select partners.
• Facilitating staff training on a range of topics, particularly programmatic design and performance management.
• The contractor is eligible for temporary duty (TDY) travel to the U.S., or to other Missions abroad, to participate in the “Foreign Service National” Fellowship Program, in accordance with USAID policy.

Job Requirements

Required education: Bachelor's degree
Required relevant work experience: 5 years
Required languages: English (Spoken: fluent | Written: fluent)
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