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Travel Consultant

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Job Summary

A leading Tours & Travel Company seeks to recruit a Travel Consultant who will be tasked with ensuring the clients are offered quality services at any particular time and the company policies are adhered to.


1. To attend to all clients i.e. corporate, individual and walk-ins professionally.
Number of clients attended in a month.

2. Making flight quotations in the prescribed standard format and ticketing rules and conditions must be clearly defined.
Ensure all bookings are confirmed by the client and are well briefed before and after ticketing.
Number and cost incurred due to errors on quotation per month.
Number of non –confirmed tickets in a month.

3. Ensure the clients are clearly given all the options available as per their destination/routing and advise them on all alternatives and cheapest rates available even when they have requested a specific airline/routing especially when the counter offer is cost effective.
% effectiveness of the information given.

4. Ensure to go through all the queues all the time and advise client on the status and ensure the clients are communicated/briefed on time on any flight changes i.e. schedules and lateness etc. and confirm they have understood.
Number of ADMS/complains that a loss in a day, week and month.
% of effective communication to the client.

5. Ensure the client is well briefed on all travel requirements needed (Timatic Information) i.e. passport, visa processing rules, Health, customs etc.
Clients complaints observed during the month due to lack of travel information.

6. Ensure fare rules/refund rules/hotel bookings/hotel cancellation rules and reservation rules/policy is clearly shown to enable the client make an informative decision and especially when the ticket/accommodation is non-refundable/non changeable/no-show loses value.
No of bookings done without giving alternatives/fare rules in a month.

7. Ensure the client is informed of the flight duration, transit point, aircraft type, luggage allowance, check in process especially when issued separate tickets, visa information at both transit and destination points, and ticket time limit.
No of complaints raised by client due to lack of information related to this.

8. Global Distribution System (GDS)policy, rules and regulations should be observed without fail to avoid ADM’S, HX,UN,UC etc. and segments cleared all the time.
No of ADMS, HX, UN, UC made in a month and without observing GDS policy.

9. Ensure there are no dummy ticket numbers on passenger name record or duplicate bookings.
No of dummy tickets/void ticket on PNRS in a month.

10. Ensure all tickets are authorized for by the client officially through a written confirmation before forwarding to finance in the standard format.
No of wrong information forwarded to finance for billing/without approvals.

11. Ensure ticketing rules and regulations, no show, are followed to avoid unnecessary cost.
Cost incurred due to not following the fare rules.

12. Seek approval before issuing any credit to the client,
Ensure discounts are kept within the regulated framework and seek approvals for new clients and who doesn’t qualify as per the set discount levels.
No of tickets issued without approval.
No of discounts offered without approval.

13. Ensure timely invoicing and in the right format for all sales made during the day within 24hrs unless written permission from management has been granted.
No of tickets not invoiced after 24hrs in a month.

14. Ensure that you are familiar with special requirements of each airline MEDA/UMNR/stretcher, wheel chair, old people etc. case procedure and the client/passenger is well briefed on clearance procedure per each carrier and line manager should approve.
Number of cases that are loss to clients with special cases in a month.

15. All complaints must be recorded and escalated as per the company procedures.
Complaints not recorded as per the policy.

16. Ensure clients/company profile must be updated every time information is received which includes but not limited to passport, frequent flying, sitting, meal, airport transfer, among others.
% effectiveness of the profile.

17. When forwarding refunds to accounts, ENSURE cancellation rule is/are attached on the audit coupon for the fare being refunded. i.e. when refunding N-class fare for NBO-MBA this is what should be captured.
Number of refunds forwarded in complete.

18. VIP travellers should be given special attention.
Complaints that are loss with regard to VIP travellers.

Job Requirements

Required education: Bachelor's degree
Required relevant work experience: 3 years
Required languages: English (Spoken: fluent | Written: fluent)
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