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WRITERS WANTED (* UPDATE: +1 paid intern for video production)

Thika, Kenya

Salary range: from KSh30,000 | Contract type: Permanent

You have 4 days left to apply for this job.

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Job Summary

Okay, you can write. That's your version. Now to prove it! Applicants will take a timed test over a half day. We give you a subject to research, then you write until submission time. Your results will be put through grammar checkers and reviewed.
Interested? Write an INTERESTING introduction in your application. Attract our attention! It's up to you --- write a boring donkey-style "job application" so we can quickly click the "Reject" button, or an introduction that makes you stand out from those hundreds of boring hopeless competitors. We look forward to knowing you!
* We may additionally employ a paid intern who can demonstrate video and slide production skills.


Working from home, you turn your passion for writing into regular good income. You write meaningful articles packed with sensible, interesting, detail. You write international english, enjoyable across countries, cultures and abilities. Your articles shine to people of low education as well as the "educated set". And you play a part in a new, semantic, form of writing, building your salary, step by step, to a good lifestyle.

Successful applicants will be given full or part-time employment. Normal conditions, of course, normal holidays and so on. Someone may be employed as a reviewer, a hard critic of written works providing suggestions for amendment. Another may be chosen to produce the CEO's book or company information documents.

Salary starts at KES 30,000 during the first two months. We want to see your self management, as well as your writing. Salary can rise considerably. 45 hours each week. So long as you turn in two articles each day we're quite relaxed. Occasional bonuses too. For example, our Kenyan team each received a goat for Christmas!

Job Requirements

Required education: Bachelor's degree
Required relevant work experience: none
Required languages: English (Spoken: fluent | Written: fluent)

Mandatory attachments

Please have a scan or photo of these documents ready when you start the application:

Education certificate - the official certificate for your highest education
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