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Steer your career to the right direction!

Are you wondering what career to select; how to find a job; or if you should switch careers? Give your career a positive boost with our career advisors!

Our certified career advisors have several years of experience coaching professionals. Let them help you find your strengths, map out a career path and propose you practical next steps.

Coaching is for you!

Career Coaching is an absolute necessity. Leading CEOs swear by personal Coaches to give them that extra edge. Want to get ahead in your career? This is your chance to get guidance, get rejuvenated and unleash that extra potential . Career Coaching is what you need. Plan your next steps. KSh 749 to get ahead in your career.

Our Certified Career Coaches
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David Muia
Entrepreneur & coach
Inspirational leader and motivational speaker, with solid background in finances, logistics, real estate and management consulting
Coach jane 7aef62de45621497b61643ed8a0dfc7b1e27dd771ab2fb324dafc7e4eceb1762
Jane Mutisya
Has helped individuals from students to CEOs to “Get clear, get focused and get ahead” for more than 9 years.
Coach nicholas 49a21a5c29b6914e6e50a7b6ef25f23035e7ab949ed2cf2efe4d110c57a4699f
Nicholas Kasidhi
BSc, Diploma in HR
Well networked pan-African headhunter and HR professional with extensive experience in mentoring young entrepreneurs.
Career Coaching package includes
  • 20 minutes talk on phone or at our offices
  • 30 minutes discussion with our certified career advisor to chart your career direction
  • Plus a 1 month Bonus Instant Feedback package and see how you compare to other applicants. (Included for free, normally KSh 299)
Propel your career to the next level!
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Career coaching
Now KSh 749
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What users say about Career Coaching
"The career coaching session enabled me to have a new perspective towards my career and ask myself the hard questions I have been avoiding."
Lillian Owino
"The conversation with the career coach was very in depth and insightful, helping me in packaging myself for the job market or entrepreneurship. I would encourage more people to talk to a career coach to help them figure out what next."
Kibe Kimani