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Human Resources jobs in Somalia

Human Resources

The human resource industry is responsible for proper management of the human talent that is needed as a labour force for any organization. An organization is as good as the labour force is and so any organizations are keen to have and retain the best possible talent. Most of these organizations dedicate a lot of resources to have proper talent obtained. This is done by having a well functional Human Resource department.

More often than not, many people know human resource for two major functions. These are recruitment and discharge. Human Resource jobs have various positions such as; training and development specialists, employment, recruitment and placement specialists, Human Resources Information System (HRIS) analysts, Employee Assistance Plan Managers, Employee wellness specialists, Conflict and disciplinary specialists and so on. The vastness of the field depends on how large an organization is. Some of the positions are available only in big organizations that have a large work force. Smaller organizations have a HR department which performs only the basic functions. Very small organizations such as start-ups usually outsource the functions to an external agency which specializes in human resource practices such as recruitments and payroll management.

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