Frequently Asked Questions

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Getting started with Fuzu

What are the benefits of Fuzu?

Fuzu is your one stop shop for planning your career. In Fuzu you can get personalized recommendations for the most suitable job opportunities, online learning content and industry news that help you take charge of your professional life. Explore different career options, set your career goal and start working towards it!

What kind of jobs are there in Fuzu?

Fuzu is open for jobs from all industries and we post new jobs daily. Therefore we recommend that you check back often as the next big opportunity may just have been posted!

Can I use Fuzu even if I am student and don’t have work experience?

Having formal work experience will increase a person’s chances of getting a job. That is a given. But we do not exclude people without experience: formal work experience is not a requirement for using Fuzu. As a general rule in job search, it makes sense to mention anything that has taught you something. Be it even a short internship or some informal work.

Also, it depends largely on the companies. Some jobs are suitable for people without experience and this will be then clearly stated in the job ad. Fuzu has jobs for all experience levels, and depending on the season, we also have internships and student jobs. Check back often as the situation varies daily.

What do I need to do to start using Fuzu?

There are no special requirements for joining Fuzu. Anyone who wants to apply for jobs, take courses, read news articles and plan their career may register for Fuzu. Registration is fast and easy. However, to find relevant jobs and courses or to increase chances of finding employment, users are encouraged to build their online CV.

How much does it cost to use Fuzu (as a Job Seeker)?

Using Fuzu is completely free. However, you can enhance your experience by purchasing access to Fuzu Extras.

How can I access Fuzu services?

Fuzu is accessible via mobile handset (with Internet Browser), tablet, PC and laptop. Fuzu can be accessed by using a Web Browser on your own device or for example in Cyber Café. When using public computers, remember to not store your username and password or leave it visible for strangers.

Am I allowed to apply for jobs in Kenya if I am from other countries?

Yes, you can. However, that depends on the employer and their willingness to meet the relocation costs. Different jobs have different requirements.

Will Fuzu help me get a job?

Fuzu can assist you in getting a job regardless of your profession. Fuzu provides the tools to set your professional goal, plan the next steps, find interesting employers with Jobs that match your profile. The more complete your profile is, the easier it is for employers looking for your kind of talent find you. It will also ensure that you get recommendations that are in line with your interest. Fuzu will also you develop relevant skills in order to achieve your goal. However it all depends on your own activity in using our services.

Can Fuzu give me career advice face to face, email or phone?

When you log into your Fuzu account you will be able to see handpicked news dealing with interesting and relevant topics for you. You are also able to purchase the Career Coaching service to get access to our Career Coach Experts.
Let them help you find your strengths, map out a career path and propose you practical next steps.

Can I have a job/internship at Fuzu?

We are always interested in hearing from talented individuals. We post all our open jobs and internships on Fuzu so make sure you have a signed up and created your online CV. That way you will be then found in case your qualifications match the position on offer.

Are the jobs on Fuzu page different from other job sites?

Companies who post jobs on Fuzu may also post the same jobs across multiple job sites. However, many employers use Fuzu as their primary recruitment channel. Keep your online CV updated as employers also look for people straight on Fuzu.

Using Fuzu

What happens after registration?

After you have registered, you are asked to create your online CV or upload your online CV. Once you fill in your information, you will get recommendations for open positions that are a good match. We will also recommend you online short courses as well as interesting career tips that help you improve your chances on the job market. You can also set your career your goal and we will guide you through making it reality.

I try to log in but is says my email address is already taken?

This most likely means that you are on the registration page, please click on the following link Type in your username and password. If you have forgotten the password, you can reset it by clicking on 'Forgot your password?'.

I don’t remember my password. What do I do?

Open your browser and go to
Click 'Forgot your password?' and follow the instructions to reset it. You can also reset it directly by going to

How do I change my email address?

You can change the email address that you use for logging into Fuzu in the ‘Settings’ tab that is under the profile section. (If you use mobile: click on the round settings symbol. On the desktop: click on the Settings link.)

What do I after next I get the job email alerts ?

Click on ‘apply here’ and follow the process to submit your application. Please don’t send your application directly to Fuzu. If you wish to add any attachments/certificate’s please add them from your profile so that the employers can be able to view them.

What next after I get shortlisted for a position?

The employer will get back to you on the next steps. Sometimes the recruitment process takes a while and the communication might not be immediate.

I don’t need Fuzu anymore. How do I deactivate my account?

We will be sad to see you leave and recommend that you keep your account, as we are constantly updating the content on Fuzu to better serve our community’s needs. If you nevertheless wish to let go of your Fuzu account, you may do so by emailing to our support team at [email protected] We will appreciate it if you let us know the reason why you decide to leave.

Creating an online CV

Where do I upload my CV?

You can upload your CV on your profile on My CV in the specified formats. Remember for the Fuzu Exclusive jobs you use your Online CV to apply, however the employer can have access to your own uploaded CV therefore ensure the information provided on both is correct and updated.

Can I send you my CV?

You don’t need to send us your CV. All you have to do is create your Online CV on Fuzu by following these simple steps.

1. On your browser go to
2. Click on 'Join now' and answer a few quick questions. (or log in if you already created a Fuzu account)
3. Then on your My Fuzu homepage click on CV edit (My CV on mobile); and start filling in your CV. We recommend you do this on a desktop computer, e.g. in a cybercafe. (See the next question for more details)

How do I fill in my online CV?

To get started on Fuzu we recommend you to fill in your Online CV. That way we will be able to recommend you the most suitable jobs and other content such as interesting courses and news articles.

Click on ‘CV edit’ link (or My CV on mobile) and fill it in as complete as you can. Note, that part of the information you have already given in the registration flow. In the Personal Information you may also add a Career Intro where you can describe your experience, goals and motivation.

Most importantly, add your Work Experience and Education, starting from latest first. Pay special attention to adding your Skills. You can do this either as part of adding your Work Experience, or separately below in its own section. Also add all relevant Language Skills (especially those you are native and/or fluent in).

Once you have filled in your Work ExperienceEducationSkills and Language Skills you can start applying for jobs. You may also add other information, such as Associations and Hobbies. The more complete your information is, the better the chances of interesting and suitable new job opportunities, news and courses landing on your screen.

Why do I need to add skills and how do I do it?

Your skills are very important in targeting the right type of work for you. They tell the employer what you can do and how well you match the requirements of the job. You can add skills from either as part of adding your Work Experience, or separately below in the Skills section. When you add your skills, try to be as accurate as possible. Don’t underestimate (or overestimate) yourself. This way you will get recommendations for the jobs that really suit you. You can upload your CV on your profile on My CV in the specified formats. Remember for the Fuzu Exclusive jobs you use your Online CV to apply, however the employer can have access to your own uploaded CV therefore ensure the information provided on both is correct and updated.

How can I add an existing reference to my profile?

You can add references on your Fuzu Online CV by requesting them from your contacts. These can be connected either to a particular work experience or skill. In your CV page under Work Experience or Skills click on 'Ask for reference' and use the form to request a reference from someone you know and who has agreed to be your referee. Note that they have to click on the ‘Leave a reference’ button on the email they receive and write the reference on the page that opens. References written via email will not be included on your profile.

How do I leave a reference for someone on Fuzu?

When someone wants to have your reference on their Fuzu online CV, they will request it via Fuzu (see the previous questions for details). You will receive an email with a link to a webpage where you can leave a reference to the requester. Note, you cannot write a reference as an email reply.

How do I get my CV to 100%?

The more complete your CV is the better the chances of interesting and suitable new job opportunities, news and courses being recommended to you. To push your CV % up, you need to fill in information on all sections, including adding several references.

Applying for jobs

How can I apply for a job?

The starting point for applying for any job on Fuzu is to create your online CV (see the answer to ‘How do I fill in my online CV?’). Once you have filled it in, you will then see a selection of handpicked jobs that best match your experience and skills on your My Fuzu homepage. You may also search and browse other jobs on the ‘Jobs’ page. Once you find an interesting position, you can view the details and apply for it on the individual job’s page.

Why do I have to answer a long personality test?

The personality test is based on the Big-5 model, which is a very reliable and common psychometric test for assessing people's character in a professional context. Completing the test will help us target jobs that not only match your experience and skills but also your character. For employers, it gives a valuable tool to reduce attrition and thus the cost of recruitment.

It is possible to retake the test in case you feel that you did not get the answers right on the first time. We then use the latest set of answers.

There are some recruitment companies using Fuzu. Do they charge the users?

Recruitment agencies like to use Fuzu for posting their clients' jobs as it helps them to sort out the right candidates faster and more efficiently. Since they are not affiliated with Fuzu, we cannot guarantee that they will not charge for their services.

Which markets does Fuzu operate in?

For the moment Fuzu is working with East African companies. However, some of them also recruit to their foreign offices. Fuzu will be expanding to other African regions in the future.

How much salary will I get?

The amount of salary depends on the company and the position. The company may choose whether to show a fixed salary in the job advertisement or to keep it negotiable.

I have applied to numerous jobs but I don’t hear back. What’s wrong?

Sometimes the recruitment processes can last longer, and if you don’t hear anything this can mean that the employer is taking their time in evaluating the candidates or has put the process on hold for the time being.

Fuzu sends you regular updates on how the recruitment process advances by letting you know when the employer has received your application and if they view or shortlist it. Employers will contact people they want to bring in for an interview. Sometimes there can be hundreds of applicants, and it’s less likely you will hear back from the employer.

However, when the application period has finished, we send you an email telling you how your application ranks among all candidates and what are your chances for being selected further. You have the opportunity to learn more with our paid additional service: Instant Feedback, which allows you to see other candidate’s CVs and learn how you can improve your job search.

I don’t like the job recommendations or I don’t find anything suitable on Fuzu.

Sometimes it can be that the job recommendations are not exactly what you are interested in. That is why we ask you to tell us about your interests and job level, as well as describe your experience, education and skills in your CV. This the way you can get better targeted recommendations. If your field is very specific it can be that there are not many openings. Make sure however, that your CV and interest areas are up to date, as you have the opportunity to also receive an alert to your email when a well-matching job is posted.

Are jobs on Fuzu genuine?

All jobs on Fuzu are verified and real. You may not necessarily find the jobs on the employers’ website as some employers prefer applications to come from outside sources like Fuzu. If you do encounter anything suspicious, please contact us immediately.

How do I cancel my application and reapply again?

If you realise that you missed a key thing in your application and you already submitted it, you can always cancel your application and apply afresh. To do so, go to your application and select the job you had applied for and at the bottom you will see the 'cancel application' option.


What are Fuzu courses? And how much do they cost?

To quickly pick up new skills and boost your opportunities of getting hired, we offer a selection of online self-learning courses. These range from a few minutes’ video tutorials to longer, 1-2 hours courses consisting of several parts. You can go through the content in your own pace. Some courses include quizzes and a final test that enable you to test your learning. All courses are accessible free of charge.

Can I get a certification of a Fuzu course?

We do not offer a formal certification for our courses at the moment. By taking a course you may validate a specific skill that you have included in your CV. Also, employers will be able to see that you are actively building your skills via our learning content.

My Career

What is My Career?

My Career is a place dedicated for dreaming and goal setting. In this section you have the opportunity to browse through a large number of different career profiles and take insightful tests to learn more about yourself and what kind of career might suit you best.

Fuzu Extras

What are Fuzu Extras?

Fuzu Extras, a set of paid tools that will elevate your job search to the next level and boost your chances in getting employed. You can download a stylish Premium CV PDF to bring along to a job interview. You can also learn more about how you compare to other candidates by purchasing Instant Feedback, a comprehensive tool that let’s you access CVs of others and see where you need to improve.

You can purchase the Extras with mobile money, credit card, PayPal, bank transfer and a number of other usual payment methods. You can also use Fuzu Points to pay the whole sum or a part of the fee. You can also purchase career coaching. Fuzu will then connect you to a certified career advisor. Let them help you find your strengths, map out a career path and propose you practical next steps.

How do I get Fuzu Extras?

You can buy Fuzu Extra features via the Fuzu website. Just log into your Fuzu account and you will see them on your My Fuzu Homepage.

What are Fuzu Points?

Fuzu Points are bonus points that you get when you achieve a milestone on Fuzu (e.g. update your CV). You will see your Fuzu point balance below the navigation bar. You can use them to buy Fuzu Extra features. Please note that Fuzu Points are not money, they can only be used within Fuzu, and they cannot be converted to cash.

How free is Fuzu?

Using Fuzu is completely free of charge. You can create your online CV, apply for jobs and use the learning materials on Fuzu absolutely free. You can enhance your Fuzu experience with our paid extra features, such as printable Premium CV, get connected to a career coach and getting detailed feedback on your application.


How does Fuzu protect my privacy?

Fuzu user controls who can access his/her professional history and profile data. Fuzu user is asked to grant access to Employer when submitting an application and can define a setting in user profile to grant access to profile data for companies conducting headhunting.

How do you prevent criminals accessing the platform?

Fuzu conducts checks for companies registering on the platform to verify that they are real and legitimate companies.