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Hotels, Travel, Food and Restaurants jobs in Tanzania

Hotels, Travel, Food and Restaurants

In the history of mankind, this is one of the oldest industries. It has existed as long as humans have been in existence. Over the centuries, the industry has had a major change in nearly all aspects of it. With reference to history, some of the African countries started as meal and accommodation stop overs for sailors and traders in the pre-colonial age. From simple old age Inns to modern luxurious and prestigious facilities, the hotel and restaurant industry has had a major shift as global tourism has increased.

In most of the countries, it is still considered as one of the drivers of the economy, with a vast number of employers as well as revenue. The industry includes a wide range of businesses, including restaurants, bars, hotels, resorts, casinos, cruise ships and theme parks. Each of these employ a vast number of people for Hotel, Food & Restaurant jobs such as, restaurant staff, chefs, cleaners, bar staff, concierges, entertainment organisers, room Service, Marketing and Advertising agents, tour guides, Croupiers etc. Some like cruise ships require staff like ship’s captain and support staff.

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