Basics of steel fabrication

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Course introduction

In this course, you will be able to learn the basics of steel fabrication and the processes involved in steel fabrication. The basic skills you will acquire in this course are welding, metal cutting and metal work. The second module will focus on how to ensure safety while working in the production line.

Skills developed

  • Welding   Beginner
  • Metal work   Beginner
  • Metal cutting   Beginner
  • Course modules

    Module 1
    Module 1: Introduction to Steel Fabrication
    Module 2
    Module 2: Steel fabrication?

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    Amos | October 28, 2020 18:40

    I'm a welder fubricator I need to join this

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    Peter | April 16, 2020 15:18

    it is interesting
    would like to learn


    Charles | February 10, 2020 14:54

    Am a welder I may like to join you


    Aron | November 09, 2017 14:04

    Thank you. FUZU for being available to evry one who is on need, you are our friend indeed.


    Kevin | July 21, 2017 15:03

    It's amazing and superb dealing with fuzu


    Moses | August 20, 2018 19:47

    Am awelder indeed I feel to join you .thankz bwana


    George | July 20, 2017 13:19

    Congrat FUZU for Great inspiration, am impressed.

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    James | June 01, 2017 21:36

    Hi there


    Hawkins | May 10, 2017 11:05



    WAKHULEKA KAKAI | May 06, 2017 07:33

    excellent lessons


    dennis | April 20, 2017 10:33

    did enjoy the lecture


    Moses | August 20, 2018 19:47

    Sana bwana

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    john | April 11, 2017 19:10

    Your comments the best job metale work bigginer.

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    Green | August 05, 2018 18:10

    Bhobho I'm happy with you please herp me

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