Basics of office telephone skills

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Course introduction

Have you ever called a company but were not able to get the right person on the phone or have your issue resolved? Did you find that frustrating?

When answering the company phone you represent the company and play a key role in making the caller’s experience enjoyable. Learn how to make a great impression through your telephone skills and how to offer assistance even when you don't have the right answers.

This course is suitable for graduates, young professionals, switch board operators or any one else interested in enhancing their telephone skills!

Course objectives

After taking this course you will be able to:

  • Answer calls professionally
  • Transfer calls 
  • Provide necessary support over the phone to guide the caller or resolve the issues they might be facing

Skills developed

  • Answering telephones and call management   Beginner
  • Office reception   Beginner
  • Course modules

    Module 1
    Basics of Office Telephone Skills

    Be a true friend

    You probably know people who are looking for employment and would be keen to learn these skills. Be a true friend and share with them!

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    Comments (34)


    victor | December 11, 2019 16:13

    this is soo nice

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    JOSEPH | November 29, 2019 06:50

    nice nice

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    fuzu | June 17, 2019 15:59

    It is very joyful

    Default profile photo 50

    fuzu | June 17, 2019 15:24

    ooh very nice


    BERNADETTE | February 21, 2019 09:19


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    BELTER | April 18, 2018 08:25

    very helpful

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    Sorie | January 10, 2018 17:06

    It teaches me to be helpful to others who sick information


    GEOFFREY | December 21, 2017 11:12

    very good and respectable


    josephat | October 26, 2017 18:46

    well encouraging


    CAROLINE | October 19, 2017 08:09

    That's great...


    PAUL | September 26, 2017 11:51



    Catherine | September 17, 2017 15:39

    that was very helpful for my career growth


    nancy | August 03, 2017 09:47

    wonderful skills


    Fofack Abanda | July 19, 2017 10:46

    wow great course! Thanks Fuzu for making it available, I've learned a lot.


    FAMMI | July 04, 2017 10:40

    appreciate the lesson was helpful


    Christine | June 30, 2017 08:03

    Amazing, skills acquired


    Eric | June 30, 2017 07:20


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    Sylvester | June 13, 2017 10:49

    Awesome skills offered,


    Cosmas | March 04, 2017 07:15

    I actually like the skill being imparted.


    JOSHUA | January 19, 2017 17:04



    nancy | December 04, 2016 16:04

    wow this just amazing


    Brenda | November 12, 2016 10:58

    Product knowledge is also key. You have to be aware of your company and your environment. You don't want to sound unaware of what you are representing.


    Brenda | November 12, 2016 10:56

    This is an amazing tool for telephony etiquette. I am very particular on telephony support because its a verbal first impression and you have to represent the company well. I always say the client has to hear your smile. Thank you Fuzu this was helpful.

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    Doreen | August 04, 2016 00:18

    Being confident and efficient and to the customer satisfaction, thanks fuzu.

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    Doreen | August 04, 2016 00:15

    Your c
    It's good to be confident and efficient and make sure that there's customer satisfaction.


    John | June 29, 2016 20:14

    being brave , happy and speaking fluently


    Sheila | June 10, 2016 09:15

    A very important course every professional should take. Sometimes at the work place you may need to apply these skills especially where communication is required. Thanks to Fuzu for this great opportunity


    vincent | May 21, 2016 14:05

    sharpens your inteligence


    Ruth | May 20, 2016 15:17

    Your commentsBeing couragous and audible while speaking.


    Ruth | May 20, 2016 15:17

    Your commentsBeing couragous and audible while speaking


    Maggiey | March 18, 2016 09:07

    Being active and confidence in job, Having a good tune or talk when talking in a phone.


    Maggiey | March 18, 2016 09:04

    Being confident in job, Having a good tune or take. Being active always.

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