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Course introduction

Are you good at communicating with others in a manner that will make them clearly understand what you mean? In this course, you will learn about the job of a Communications Manager. Communications Managers are responsible for carrying out an organization's internal and external messages. They draft written materials, prepare presentations and communicate with employees. A Bachelor's degree in communications, public relations or a relevant field and some experience from the field are necessary for the job. Communications Managers need excellent speaking and writing skills and must be proficient at working with others.

Communications managers correspond with employees and external stakeholders to keep them informed of company developments. They create strategies to increase employee awareness and to promote productivity. Externally, they communicate with the media and other interested parties to announce new products and discuss organizational changes in a way that attempts to maintain a positive image of the company.

This course is suited, but not limited, to individuals aspiring to work as Communication officers or managers.

Course objectives

By the end of this course, you should be in a better position to:

  • Know how to communicate in an appropriate manner. 
  • Appreciate the work of a communication Manager in an organization.
  • Appreciate the different Communication skills.

Skills developed

  • Communication   Advanced
  • Course modules

    Module 1
    Skills and Responsibilities of a Communication Manager

    Be a true friend

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    Comments (7)


    Denis picho | August 17, 2019 09:06

    This is a good explanation


    kennedy | May 09, 2017 03:04

    Actually this is of much important to the candidates because it has,created an awareness,and also career guidance


    Alex | February 20, 2017 16:09

    Good explanation

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    Doubtful | January 25, 2017 22:40

    Don't you have print outs or PDFs which can easily be acceseslf because the network not doing us good in Malawi


    Joyce | October 12, 2016 15:38

    A clear brief overview


    JOB WASWA | March 07, 2016 09:41

    A nice perspective of what is real from another eye and mindset is truly educating.


    Victoria | March 02, 2016 12:36

    It is definitely an eye opener on the field of communications in general. Great work.

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