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Learn basics of working as a Food & Beverage Supervisor

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    This course builds the following skills:

  • Food and beverage | Advanced

In this course you will learn about the job of a Food and Beverage Supervisor. Food and Beverage Supervisors are responsible for the daily operations of businesses that prepare and serve food and drinks to customers such as restaurants, resorts, hotels, hospitals and banquet halls. Food and beverage supervisors oversee all of the issues concerning dining experience, such as quality control, staff management, inventory, health and safety regulations and customer service.

Food and Beverage Supervisors are generally responsible for all of the business operations of a dining establishment. Duties typically include interviewing, hiring, training, scheduling and managing employees, as well as overseeing inventory, including food and beverages, supplies and other restaurant equipment. Managers are also responsible for resolving customer complaints regarding food quality and service and making sure the business complies with health and food safety regulations. In addition, most managers perform administrative tasks such as managing payroll and writing budgets.




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Diana | April 06, 2017 16:46

Very educative segment on the functions and responsibilities of a food and beverage manager.

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