Hotel room service: taking an order

    This course builds the following skills:

  • Customer service | Beginner
  • Food and beverage | Beginner
  • Room service | Beginner

Have you ever called a restaurant or hotel room service and placed an order?  Do you remember what kind of customer service you received? The service customer receives over the telephone is as important as face-to-face service.

In hotels, guests often want to eat in their room. For food and beverage orders, they contact the hotel room service usually via telephone. The order is then prepared and served in the guest’s room. 

This 20 minutes course focuses on taking the orders and forwarding them to the right personnel. Keep in mind that the room service procedures may vary between different hotels. Always make sure you know what kind of conduct is expected of you.



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Fred | February 21, 2016 05:25

Very educative


Crisostom | March 12, 2016 11:40

the job is good


Elizabeth Gesare | June 02, 2016 10:59

I have learnt something.that's a good teaching.

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Mary | March 23, 2016 19:09

very nice teaching


Titus | May 25, 2016 18:55

excellent training!

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