Introduction to basic financial statements

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Course introduction

Benefits for the Participant

  • The course will improve your financial skills and assist you in your work. You will gain confidence in your ability to understand financial concepts.
  • You will obtain comprehensive basic skills, while learning how to master key accounting terminologies and interpret relevant economic indicators.

Benefits for the Organization

  • The course provides a cost-effective and flexible way of improving the accounting skills of managers and experts.
  • It is also a means of providing selected teams, groups or departments with a uniform skill level.

Who is this course for?

  • Graduates and professionals in financial management positions such as accountants and consultants
  • This course is also great for all entreprenuers interested in keeping proper records and determining their business performance.

Course objectives

This course is aimed at managers accountable for financial results and experts willing to learn the fundamentals of accounting and the skills required in interpreting financial indicators. As well as to learners who need to revisit or acquaint themselves with the basic concepts of accounting and the contexts in which they are typically used.

Skills developed

  • Accounting   Skilled
  • Corporate finance   Advanced
  • Course modules

    Module 1
    Basic Financial Statements

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    clement nyirenda | April 08, 2018 08:34

    Now l have brainstorm my knowledge

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