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Introduction to different methods of Qualitative Research

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Course introduction

Qualitative research can be considered as exploratory research whereby the researched aim to explain the underlying reason, opinion, and motivation behind a certain research topic.This course introduces you to the wide range of methods that qualitative research entails.

This course is suitable for anyone planning on carrying out research.

Course objectives

After completing this course you should be able to distinguish the different methods and understand the benefits and challenges of qualitative research.

Skills developed

  • Qualitative methods   Beginner
  • Course modules

    Module 1
    Introduction to different methods of qualitative research

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    Comments (7)


    jimmy | September 03, 2018 13:13


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    MAUREEN | March 22, 2018 08:58

    So educative!

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    Moses | November 27, 2017 16:06

    Good course


    Norah | November 08, 2017 16:39

    Thanks Fuzu


    Jackline | July 08, 2017 16:15

    Nice course

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