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Course introduction

A Marketing executive is someone who creates, champions or implements a marketing campaign for a service, product or a campaign.This course gives an introduction to the Marketing Executives work. You will learn how to build a career in Marketing management, how to get a job in digital marketing and what are the typical interview questions for a Marketing Executive position.

This course is suited, but not limited, to mid level to senior level marketing personnel. 

Course objectives

At the end of this course, you should be in a better position to:

  • Learn the job roles and responsibilities of a Marketing Executive,
  • learn how to succeed in an interview for a Marketing executive.
  • Appreciate what Digital marketing is all about.


Skills developed

  • Marketing   Advanced
  • People management   Skilled
  • Course modules

    Module 1
    Career advice for Marketing Excecutive

    Be a true friend

    You probably know people who are looking for employment and would be keen to learn these skills. Be a true friend and share with them!

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    Comments (3)


    Hillary | November 18, 2017 08:32

    Convenient , cost free learning module, Thanks.


    John | September 23, 2017 13:16

    so great


    Caroline | June 22, 2017 07:21

    Very insightful and informative! Thanks

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