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Course introduction

If you go to a restaurant, who is the member of the staff that you interact with the most? In most cases, it is the waiter or waitress. A waiter/waitress has a key role in making sure that customers have a happy restaurant experience. This course will guide you to what it requires to be a good waiter/waitress. It will give you tips on taking orders and serving restaurant customers politely.

It should take you about 20 minutes to complete this course.

Course objectives

At the end of this course, you should be in a better position to:

  • Appreciate the proper etiquette in receiving and talking to customers.
  • Appreciate how to take orders and serve customers.


Skills developed

  • Serving and waiting tables   Beginner
  • Course modules

    Module 1
    Taking Orders
    Module 2
    Serving Customers

    Be a true friend

    You probably know people who are looking for employment and would be keen to learn these skills. Be a true friend and share with them!

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    Comments (4)


    NYANG | April 22, 2019 13:56

    very educative and informative


    Danstant | August 16, 2018 16:41

    very educative thank you


    LEAH | November 13, 2016 08:45

    Iv learnt all that I never knew, it would be my happiness to find a chance of a waiter/waitress. Fuzu is the best in teaching people all that they deserve to know


    Esther | January 15, 2016 18:18

    I have the said skills n thankyou for the video

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