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Course introduction

In this course, you will learn about the work of a Web Developer. A Web Developer is responsible for the design, layout, and coding of a website. They are involved with the technical and graphical aspects of a website - how the site works and how it looks. They can also be involved with the maintenance and update of an existing site. After establishing the target audience for a website and identifying the type of content it will host, a Web Developer will write the programming code, either from scratch or by adapting existing website software and graphics packages to meet business requirements, test the website and identify any technical problems, upload the site onto a server and register it with different search engines.

This course is suited, but not limited to, IT & computer science students, and aspiring web developers.

Course objectives

On the successful completion of this course, you should be in a better position to :

  • Know what web development is all about. 
  • Appreciate the career opportunities for web developers. 
  • Appreciate the skills required as well as the duties of a web developer.

Skills developed

  • Web service and application development   Advanced
  • Course modules

    Module 1
    What does a Web Developer do?

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    Ashedo | July 11, 2020 15:28

    Indeed also we need to get start here soon


    ROBERT | July 23, 2019 11:29

    one of my best


    Kule | July 22, 2019 16:55

    the course is good to study


    brian | April 03, 2019 18:54

    its good as most of computer science graduate fail to find what next


    Bismark | December 02, 2018 12:08

    The clip is amazing


    WEKALAO | August 30, 2018 11:55

    the course is good but the channel to reach your desk for lectures is a mountain, give us correct guidelines


    WANGILA | June 29, 2018 18:31

    awesome course


    Joseph | June 06, 2018 12:22

    hy guys how can i apply for the course


    Stanley | September 12, 2018 09:36

    The course is a mind challenging one, you do not need a teacher, but an active internet connection and some dedicated hours to spend on Free YouTube Videos.


    Abshir | April 25, 2018 06:25

    this course is good


    Conard | April 18, 2018 12:11

    This course is quite amazing

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    LEVY | September 27, 2017 06:46

    the course was very suberb

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    JACOB | April 24, 2017 12:59

    Most Paying job

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    LEVY | September 27, 2017 06:22


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    LEVY | September 27, 2017 06:24

    wish to get a job through FUZU


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