What programs to use when creating a questionnaire

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Course introduction

Questionnaires are a crucial tool when carrying out research. A questionnaire can be described as a written or text document that an interviewee can give feedback on a particular topic. Questionnaires can be created and distributed in many ways. Do you already know what makes a good questionnaire but don’t know what program to create it with? Take this course to find out how to create a questionnaire using Microsoft Word or Google Docs.

This course is suitable for anyone planning on carrying out research using questionnaires.

Course objectives

By the end of this course, you should be in a better position to know how to create a questionnaire using Microsoft Word and Google docs.

Skills developed

  • Market research, intelligence   Beginner
  • Quantitative methods   Beginner
  • Course modules

    Module 1
    Creating a questionnaire with Microsoft Word
    Module 2
    Creating a questionnaire with Google Docs

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    Rafique | August 16, 2018 12:33

    Repeating the exercise will make you perfect

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    Dr. Wekesa | June 18, 2018 13:37

    This is a very important course for all graduate students. Let us join the class.


    Rafique Shah | August 16, 2018 12:32


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