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8 Investment Options You Can Get Started With While Young Regardless of Your Salary

Money making, also known as investing, can be an uphill task. But it should not be that way if you educate yourself on money and investments. There are a number of investment options you can get started with in Uganda to grow your financial portfolio regardless of your salary.

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Money making, also known as investing, can be an uphill task. But it should not be that way if you educate yourself on money and investments. There are a number of investment options you can get started with in Uganda to grow your financial portfolio regardless of your salary.


If you get the right money advice and heed to it, you don't have to be anxious about your finances. It can help you financially plan well for business ventures, retirement, family, and your health.

On that note, what did the number 0 say to 8? Nice belt! So, here are 8 investment options to consider while young regardless of how much you earn. 

1. Money markets

These are unit trusts that invest money in low-risk ventures so they can guarantee interest on your money for example treasury bills, bonds, and fixed deposit accounts. The upside is you're guaranteed a return on your investment and you will not lose any money. The downside is the interest can be low, about 5-6% or even less. But they are a good starting point as you navigate investing options. You can visit any fund management company like Britam or Uganda Social Securities Exchange to get you started.

2. Life insurance policy

If your workplace pays your salary on time each month, this is a great long-term investment. For as low as UGX 150,000 per month, you can accrue up to 30% profit within a period of 4-10 years. How it works - you consistently deposit your premium (the money agreed on), and the insurance firm invests the money and pays you back your premium with an interest on it. You can even still get payouts without funding your account after the four-year mark. Visit your bank and get all the resources you need for this option.

3. Buying and reselling land in the village or on the outskirts of the city  

Our towns and cities are continually exploding with infrastructure. This is a good venture because the returns are high but it is also high risk. Do due diligence with financial institutions and landowners to check that what they are selling is theirs and not mortgaged with any financial institution.  Also, use brokers that come highly recommended. Because this is a high capital venture, for financing options, you can consider resource pooling with family or friends, a SACCO loan, or even forming an investment club. Interest rates can vary between 50-200%.

4. Small business opportunities with value addition

In Uganda, it is not every day that we do unique small businesses. Most are generic, the mobile money kiosk in your neighbourhood, a salon, the Rolex stand – the catch though is adding a bit more value than the average business owner. For example, if you decide to set up your mini-grocery, focus on the needs that the other business owners aren’t addressing. Also do your research on what it means to price and upscale, so you strategize for the future. For example, the Rolex stand can be made cleaner and you could add some more value to the taste of your Rolex.

5. SACCO interests 

The biggest secret no one tells you is there is money to make by saving with your SACCO, at work, at church, the mosque, or even in your neighbourhood. You can get up to 20% interest annually based on how big your SACCO is and how much you accumulate in your savings. Most of our parents know this and even borrow from their SACCOs because of the low-interest rates on borrowing.

6. Cryptocurrency trade 

This is usually dismissed by non-techies because of the complexity and high risk involved. But you can learn the trade, for example, there are so many other cryptocurrencies that sell better than bitcoin. Also, there are a lot of resources on websites like Binance on how to manage your portfolio once you open an account. You can also fund your account with as low as UGX 10,000 and get up to 100% interest.

7. A Start-up business for the innovator 

Maybe you have an idea that is game-changing, for example, a coffee shop that dabbles as a massage parlour, it can also be an investment option. Write up those proposals, pitch them, and put in your savings with the risk calculation in mind. It is quite a high risk but a lot of rich people take this route and it has proven to pay off beautifully in due time. The rate of return can be out of this world based on Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg's stories.

8. Referral Marketing and affiliate marketing

These are two investment options that rely heavily on your social capital and time instead of your money. They are not easy but they are doable. Tell friends, family, and even perfect strangers about a business and if they buy their product you get some cash. Check out the likes of Chipper Cash for Referral Marketing and Jumia for Affiliate marketing options.

Investing and learning to invest are not in-born traits, for many of us. They take a lot of trial and failure based on one’s risk appetite. Investment also does not need millions, it needs a willingness to try thinking out of the box with the money you have. The earlier you learn how to start investing money the better prepared you are financially for your future. Good luck.

Written by

Anita Kamba

A Ugandan Civil Engineering Professional working with a Ugandan government corporation. I am also a social media content creator and writer. Most of my creative work is influenced by personal experiences and those of people around me.

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