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Top Companies to Work for in 2022 (Plus Tips on How to Ace Your Application)

We've got some of the best companies to work for hiring on Fuzu. Here’s your chance to work at some of the leading brands. 

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We've got some of the best companies to work for hiring on Fuzu. Here’s your chance to work at some of the leading brands. 

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Looking for a job? We have a selection of top companies to work for this year. We are highlighting them, not only because of their dedication to service delivery but also their proactiveness in advancing employee growth, and hiring the right talent through a transparent recruitment process. Which of these companies best suits your career growth journey?


Mogo Kenya is part of Mogo Finance Group. Mogo Kenya is the leading car financing company in the country. Over the past few years, Mogo has grown rapidly, with an impact of close to 100,000 satisfied customers. This gives us an insight into the company’s founding culture, rooted in teamwork, employee growth, and innovation. This is definitely a great place to work if you’re looking to grow your career in the sales and customer experience industry.

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When most of us hear about Telkom, our attention is drawn towards affordable data and call rates. Telkom is one of the three giant telecommunication companies in Kenya. Established in 1999, Telkom has grown exponentially to build a reputation as a champion for the socio-economic advancement of Kenyan communities. Telkom has achieved this through its corporate social investment affirming the company’s dedication to caring and people growth. We also love Telkom because of its open regard for the autonomy of each individual team member.

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GIZ is an organization, headquartered in Germany with a core competency in strengthening partnerships to achieve sustainable development. GIZ works to shape a future worth living, around the world by providing tailor-made, cost-efficient, and effective services for sustainable development. The impact of GIZ can be seen across the world, most importantly in West Africa where it is championing sustainable cocoa in Cote D’ Voir.

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Progressive Credit

True to its tagline - "taking every step with you", Progressive Credit prides itself in the belief of long-term relationships that string on months after a transaction has been completed. Apart from hiring individuals with a major in finance and accounting, but also sales and customer service. Progressive Credit offers a great opportunity to grow for someone seeking to climb the corporate ladder.

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4G Capital

4G capital is a company after our own hearts simply due to its dedication to socio-economic empowerment. 4G capital helps small businesses to build economies and generational success by looking at their current life and business stage to give them the relevant solutions for their journey. 4G provides a stepping stone for students seeking to start their career journey in a financial institution.

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Jumia is an online leading retailer in Kenya with a staff strength of 1000 young and entrepreneurial Kenyans including 150 customer service teams available 7 days a week. Jumia is known for fostering the growth of young talents. Due to its rapid expansion, Jumia offers an opportunity to grow and climb the career ladder for both mid and entry-level professionals.

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Optica is a leading eyewear retailer with a strong belief that vision care is about far more than just a pair of glasses. Optica preaches the mantra that ‘Eyes are windows to the world, capturing memories and immersing us in moments.’ Optica is a personal favorite because of its continued dedication to having a work environment where employees are inspired to be their best.

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StepWise provides a global workforce solution, powering emerging AI technologies such as autonomous vehicles, chatbots, and self-checkout retail. Through its training partner Zalego Academy, StepWise connects accredited talent with the right tools to help global companies solve AI-related data challenges.

StepWise Zalego is committed to increasing the revenues of 5,000 young low-income individuals, among whom 2,500 are women.

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Kitu Kali

Kitu Kali is a Kenyan company, which has specialized in the production of hand-made shoes. Kitu Kali stands by its mantra of sending love to the world through shoes. Nonetheless, Kitu Kali has its goals grounded on sustainability as it uses recycled materials inside the shoes. Moreover, the tribal-themed patches made of Ankara are a sweet reminder of the beautiful Kenyan culture.

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Ponea Health

Just like its name suggests, Ponea Health is revolutionizing private healthcare in Kenya. Ponea Health is committed to closing the gap of a highly fragmented, inefficient and inadequate private healthcare sector in Africa. This startup that’s based in Dutch is already setting gold standards for healthcare quality and efficiency through the launch of its Patient App.

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MRM (Mabati Rolling Mills)

MRM is a famous local brand providing much-needed expertise in roofing matters. This company stands out for me because it brings together professionals from all fields of study, to be team members. 

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Apollo Agriculture

I know what you could be thinking, "agriculture is old school." That notion is untrue and Apollo agriculture is a great example to illustrate that agriculture is a sure source of livelihood, only if farmers get all they need from farming to market access. Apollo agriculture makes use of technology to help farmers to maximize their profits.

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M-Kopa is a financing institution that has carved a niche for itself in the industry, by providing underbanked customers with essential products including solar lighting, televisions, and fridges.

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Watu Credit

Watu Credit empowers entrepreneurs by offering asset financing to provide tools needed to move and improve people’s lives across Africa. Watu Credit is a company that believes everyone deserves the opportunity to be an entrepreneur and achieve their goals. See how Watu Credit is making the future of Africa a reality.

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Follow these tips to ace your job applications

We've put together some key tips that will help your applications stand out.

1. Customize your CV and cover letter to fit the requirements of the job

Whenever you come across an advertised position, take your time to read and understand the requirements. Polish your resume to ensure your skills are in sync with what the recruiter wants and remove any grammatical errors from your resume. Always remember a good application will get you an interview.

2. Avoid using too many symbols and colors in your CV 

The golden rule to presenting a winning CV is less is more. Simplicity should guide you to be intentional with your job application. Do not use too many colors and symbols when creating your CV. Too many colors and symbols increase the chances of your CV getting rejected by the Applicant Tracking System (ATS).  One or two colors are enough. Check out our CV templates. 

3. Use keywords

The employer is looking to see that their ideal talent has the required skills and expertise in the relevant field of interest. As such, you need to use the right keywords and phrases in your CV. If the job is about communication, the word communication should appear strategically within your CV.

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Belindar Momanyi

Belindar Momanyi is a communication professional and an avid believer in deliberately telling inspiring stories. When she is not writing, she is managing social media at HCDExchange

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