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7 Easy to Master Social Skills That Will Make You Likable at Work

Being likable at work does not need you to go to the magical tree and move around with that leaf in your pocket to tame people in liking you. You need to master key social skills that will actually make this easier than you think.

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Being likable at work does not need you to go to the magical tree and move around with that leaf in your pocket to tame people in liking you. You need to master key social skills that will actually make this easier than you think.

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We all want to be likable at work, have you ever wondered why some people just fit right into the workplace?” Everyone knows their name-they make others smile easily and their birthdays are always long awaited so that they can be celebrated. It is funny that they are not earning better than you, don’t really have fancy cars, have a normal wardrobe and yet they stand out in the entire office.

Their secret could be in mastering these 7 social skills; 


1. The art of communication

One of the most outstanding characteristics of people who are likable at work is being a good communicator. Knowing what to say, how to say it and when to say it will definitely make you a likable person. When it comes to communication in a workplace, it will cover almost everything that you do. From the emails you send, the conversations in the office, presentations, and facilitation, name it all. 

One of the ways to up your communication game is to call people by their names.  This shows that you are attentive to someone hence making them feel special, and who doesn’t like that? Absolutely no one. When you are asking for help or inquiring about pending work instead of “Hey, when can I have your report? Try "Arthur, how is your day going, can you please finalize the report so we can have it by the end of today.” You do not have to be so cheesy, keep it polite and professional. Saying the right words at the right time and in the right place will definitely make you likable at work.


2. Conflict resolution

All workplaces are known for having timely conflicts. Now, most of the time it may be fun to watch if you are someone who enjoys violence, but if you intend to be likable at work, strive to create peace. Be the mediator that your colleagues run into in case of a heated argument between employees. Are people striking because of delayed salaries?  Be that person to calm the situation down.  Being able to create peace will not only make your fellow employees like you but it will make the bosses trust you with even more responsibilities. Remember you have to be likable for good things. Do not become infamous; that is a dead end!


3. Respect

A wise man once said “Your workmates are not your friends, but your colleagues.” Being able to draw this line will save you a lot of workplace wars. Keep your relationship with your workmates professional unless you have built a close friendship with someone's specific. Resisting from being familiar, one day a colleague at work came to my hand bag and started turning it upside down claiming to look for a hand lotion. This really affected our working relationship. Do not access people’s laptops without their permission or use their cup without them knowing. Creating such healthy boundaries will make you more likable and respected in your workplace. 


4. Empathy

Try being genuinely concerned about your workmates when they're feeling down or celebrating an achievement. I remember this one time a workmate failed to make it to work because she was sick and I took it upon myself to make a personal phone call and ask how she was doing. Even though we were not as close at the time, this was the beginning of a friendship that has lasted for years. When your workmate makes an achievement, be the first one to celebrate them. Do they look absolutely stunning that day? Compliment them.

People love being cared about - instead of engaging in small talk about sports and politics which often turn into arguments, ask your workmates about their hobbies, how their families are doing , or their dreams and visions. You will be surprised about how passionately people respond to this and this makes you a more likable person at work.


5. Cooperation

Teamwork makes work easier and team players are always likable people . Being involved in key activities at your workplace will make it easier for you to socialize and charm your colleagues. It is quite an achievement when your workmates can count on you. However, it is absurd that some people pride themselves on being reserved or distant from their places of work. If you have no reason to miss the team building, Christmas party, end of year party, or wedding meeting, please don’t. Such events will help you socialize and bond with your workmates more. When it comes to solving tasks that nobody wants to spearhead, volunteer and take it on. Great leadership skills are built in such situations, and who knows? You might be getting the vote of most Inspirational Employee of the Year and of course more likable at work. Here are more ways on how you can be a good team player.


6. Great attitude

No one wants to be around negative energy. Be the optimistic colleague that everyone wants to run to when faced with a challenge. Even when the situation at hand is unfavorable, there are other ways to craft your responses and give advice that will make your workmates feel better. Having a positive attitude will not only make you more likable but it will keep a smile on your face even on a bad day.  Endeavor to always look on the bright side of every situation; be the ray of sunshine amidst gray clouds. 


7. Resourcefulness

Providing help when it is needed will make you a likable person at work. I do not know if it's only at my workplace or you can relate to this as well- at my workplace most staff have difficulty in using complicated computer programs. We have this genius colleague who is well known in most departments because he understands computers perfectly. Such a skill has made him likable, being able to solve problems will actually make people want to be around you. 

You should check out this problem solving in the workplace course that will help you stand out and support your team better. 

Do not just exist, live. Our workplaces take up 75% of each day we live, the above mentioned skills will not only make you likable at work, but they will also make your workplace worth staying.

Don't forget to tell us how one of these skills changed your work life in the comments below.

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Mercy Mukisa

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