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Simple tips to resolving workplace conflict

We cannot evade conflicts, but we can transcend them

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We cannot evade conflicts, but we can transcend them

Burying your head in the sand hoping that conflict will fizzle out is not the most effective way for problem-solving. Conflicts are inevitable especially at the workplace which makes problem-solving and interpersonal skills essential to have. Unsolved work conflicts may lead to a toxic working environment which hinders personal and business development. Here are steps you can use to effectively solve conflict and get things flowing smoothly

Identify the conflict

The different types of conflict require different approaches when looking for a solution. As illustrated in YFS Magazine the most common ones are leadership conflict, interdependency based conflict, work style differences, cultural-based dissension and personality clashes. Most workplace conflicts fall under leadership and personality clashes. Identifying the conflict at hand, will help you understand its cause and get the leeway to the next step.

Identify the extent of the conflict

Every action or reaction to a conflict has its consequence. Disagreements tend to strain relationships which may affect the productivity of persons and the organization at large. Defining the extent of the conflict will help in understanding the negative aftermath of a detrimental work conflict. Besides, you can comprehend how much is needed to stitch up the holes.

Identify a Procrustean Solution

After identifying the conflict and its extent, you need to adjust and find a long-lasting solution. We cannot evade conflicts, but we can transcend them. A tangible solution is a definite goal to settle the conflict. Finding the right solution is easy once you’ve identified the extent of the conflict. A good solution should be about the type of conflict at hand, for example, leadership conflict.

The solution should be just and long-lasting; covering the cause, the effect of the solution and future options to deal with the predicament.

Step up from the Ditch

Conflict is inevitable the same as growth. To grow, we must step up from our setbacks. Dwelling on conflict will inhibit your operations and cooperation at the workplace. Stepping up calls for being responsible and accountable for all your actions.

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Kelvin Mokaya

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